Pacino Horne

Anyone think hes worth a look considering how bad the secondary was last year?

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Steinhower would know him well enough to make that decision.

what he said.

aside from the speeelling that is... :wink:

well Horne tabbed 4 interceptions in just 14 games, (not including a tremendous Grey Cup INT/TD) which is far better than any player on the Cats secondary last season.

Definitely worth a look IMO.

Hey give him a try, he knows Orlando and might fit in well to our defense if he could repeat his performance last season for the Cats four Int's would be great improvement for one player to make, great contribution!!

Pacino Horne played corner back alongsde half back Mccollough last year for the Argos under Stenauer
so I would not be too surprised to find out they have thought about bringing him in .
They did let Parks go who was starting at that corner role.

I know Hobbs looked good in the Montral game and Brown looks good too .

from his attitude to this...

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do we want this kinda guy?

The rumor was he was looking to pursue NFL options but not sure how true that is or what to think with his Grey Cup Ring on Ebay.
Can't wait to here what this is all about

His Grey Cup Ring is on EBay? That speaks volumes to his character. Let him rot on an NFL practice roster is my vote then.

This guy wants 12000 dollars? I just responded to his ad and asked if he'd take $5 just to let me take a pee on it at the home opener at Skydump. I am willing to go up to $10.

No one knows whose ring is up for sale. There's speculation it's Horne's but that has not been confirmed. Threads on this on other forums as people try to find out who the seller is.

why is the assumption that this ring belongs to Horne?

why is there any surprise when when you see a Grey Cup ring up on Ebay? we all know what the avg CFL salary is for (for an avg of a 2-3 years) it's not a lifetime score like a big three league contract...
sometimes guys need money, especially guys looking to live like a bigshot athlete making a warehouse salary

Oh the assumptions sounded like fact. So if it is not his Ring it could belong to anyone

The ring has the players name and jersey # on it so if you msg the seller I'm sure he will tell you who he is. I think its stupid to sell it but i dono if you can say that makes you a bad person or says something about you. Everyone has a reason for what they do.

If the player made league min. of 48K last yr and came to camp expecting to have a job this season. Then being let go with no payout or money. I think the panic now of no income and possibly no prospects of a new job panic would set in. He still has bills to pay at home, maybe a wife and child to take care. It would be pretty selfish of the player not to try get some money to get by rather then having no place to live.


Rings are just rings. If you were on a championship team, that fact stands, ring or no ring. Life is short, and you can't take any trinkets with you in the end. In the meantime, other things can be more important.

It's sad that these young men don't make a lot of money playing this sport and their time in it can be so short. Yet, they put themselves on the line everytime they step on the field. And after all that, sometimes have to give up the one reward they can keep after the playing days are long gone.

He likely has responsibilities, in which case it's not a matter of character, but rather a factor of priorities.

[b]old fan wrote: He likely has responsibilities, in which case it's not a matter of character, but rather a factor of priorities.[/b]
absolutely. Putting food on the table and/or paying the rent, possibly for a family/spouse, takes precedence over material goods any day.

If the player in question is Horne, who has played one year at the minimum ($48,000) and is now unemployed, it is not unreasonable for him to sell the item in question to keep a roof over the family heads.

regardless, the ring is his property to do with as he sees fit and that is precisely what he is doing.