PA Announcer

Is it just me or does this PA (Jason Farr??) guy have to go. I question his football knowledge, but can deal with that. It really bugs be when he has to announce to the whole stadium who we are bringing on and off the field. i.e. "Here comes Holmes", "Holmes is going to the sideline", "we got Corey Holmes in the backfield", as the teams are lining up. I know it is a little thing, but really do we have to tell the other team where one of our most dangerous players are at all times?

No, but there's probably a pile of fans that benefit from that kind of thing - remember that in a crowd of 27K, there are about 13K newly-filled seats.

Ask the Bulldogs if they will ever have him back
I like the guy as a stand up community guy, be he's in over his head as a PA announcer at sporting events
Find somebody from the Bill Stirrup school
Anyways....good win boys!

I found Jamie Farr to be extremely annoying last night.....

how about we get Bill Kelly back , HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

relax on Jason

My favorite Farr line was when he said..."Oh..and there is a towel on the field" someone one threw it in from the stands.It was the kickers!! duh! He is VERY annoying! His screaming is what bugs me the most...he's distorting the microphone and that noise hurst my ears. Can we maybe get a professional football that too much to ask???

I say Tiger, you say Cats


The great thing about watching the games on TV (particularly the TSN feed) is that the nonsense people are talking about is less apparent. That being said, comparing Molson Stadium's P.A. experience to what I've witnessed at IWS is night-and-day. Overkill in anything is not good -- less is more when you're attending a game (people do want to talk to their family and friends and be heard without shouting during the game). The idea of music every 2nd play or so makes a good deal of sense.

As for Farr's theatrics, well, this discussion got started on in 2004. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

I watched the game on the internet last night and heard him come across the TV feed.

My thought was the same as most here, he is very irratating.
He never seems to shut up
Every game I watch it's the same thing, fortunately the TV people can turn him down somewhat. I feel sorry for the fans at the game

If not for his incessant chatter there is music constantly being played. The only quiet time is during the play

Ask me if I can do better - Yes I can (I'm serious)

A note to Jason Farr,
You should watch the game afterwards and listen to yourself; you may realize just how annoying you actually are.

A note to Bob Young,
You have made some excellent decisions since owning the team and have made a couple blunders. Jason Farr as a PA announcer was a bad decision

Maybe all Jason Farr needs are some guidelines. There was a time when CFL stadium announcers were limited as to what they could say (i.e. announce penalties, placement of the ball, number of down, tackles, receptions etc.)

Certainly, I find the cheerleading unnecessary and offensive.

As for the constant loud music any time the ball's not in play, there should be rules for that, too, but I've addressed that in another strand. I ran into a friend high up on the aisle between Sections 6 and 7 and we both had to yell to be heard ... And this was 30 minutes before the kick-off!

Give me a shot at it. :twisted:

Another complaint about the PA announcer,,,,think they could reduce the music a bit when introducing the players we sit in sec 30 and sometimes hard to hear the intros as the music is almost as loud as Jason announcing.....think the fans would get more pumped up, as would the team, if you could hear....just my two cents worth

What ever happened to him? :slight_smile:

Heeeeeeere are your Hamiiiiiilton Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuulldoooooooogs

That may be Stirrop but the point is the excessive homerism is tolerated if you actually have a clue whats going on.

the guy is brutal,. always sounds very cheap, unproffesional. Especially introducing Ron Lancaster and the Cats.. I thought it should have been something special to get the fans and the team pumped but instead he says something like Ron Lancaster and the Hamilton Ticats, should have been something like "Fans lets welcome back a CFL legend and 2 time Grey cup champion as a coach RON LANCASTER & your Hamilton TIGER CATS!

This guy has got to go. Hes just uninformed and hes actually helping the opposition sometimes. He announced during the second quarter that Hitchcock was coming in and Brooks was going out. Basically, this informed the OC what play to call. the play went right by hitch, who looked like a deer caught in the headlights. i guarantee had that been Brooks the play would have been different. Guarantee...

I agree, the music is too, too often and too loud. Part of the game experience is talking to your friend or ppl around you about the most recent play. But your drowned out by the music.... or worse the artificial crowd noise.
And the best is when they have that annoying "Why are you so quiet". How do you know I'm not cheering over the piped in crowd noise of blarring music.

Stop the insanity !!!! :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

My father in law has had four season tickets since 1952. He just wants to impart his wisdom(?) between plays in box J. Give the volume a break every now and then, so we can talk over the music.

I was worried Friday as the 20 second clock counts down and the piped in noise is still running. I guess from the rule below, it is only if Calgary was delayed at the line that we get penalized 10 yards. It seemed so close to me over and over again, but like 'holding', I guess it is a judgement call.

"In the event that the home team permits in its stadium the use of either electronic equipment or high volume loudspeakers when the visiting team is attempting to put the ball in play, with the result that the game is delayed, the home team shall be subject to penalty for delay of game."

Jason Farr does have to go. He's the only part of the game day experience I personally do not like.

There has to be a better PA guy they can find.

The manner in which he does the PA stuff is certainly not for me but in no way will it affect me wanting to go to the game or not, it’s not like it is that annoying. But it is annoying nonetheless. I would like to see him change his style to a more professional and classy style ie. no more of this “let’s give it to our TiCats…” Just say “10 yard pass completed to Flick.” No need to go overboard and try and pump up the fans sort of thing.