PA Announcer

Whoever is in charge of the Game Day Presentation, can you please consider stopping the cheerleading that goes on over the PA System?

Sounds like you haven't been to any other CFL stadiums to watch a game. The PA Announcer (I believe it is good ole' Bob Saye from Rock 101 and The Fox many years back) is absolutely tame. You should hear how the basic PA announcers ramp it up elsewhere. You can hear it during the Montral home games when the announcer informs trhe crowd that the catch was made by Ben Cahooooooooooooon! Same goes for Commonwealth stadium.

No foul on Bob's part here.

I just think the whole cheering over the PA is nauseating. Nothing against Bob Saye. I don't need to be told when it is time to chant "Defence".

that’s what we get when they hire a wanna be musician instead of a knowledgable sports dude

I noticed the same thing happening in Toronto while watching the Lions/Argos game. I'm not a fan of it either.

It's not at all Stadiums. It doesn't happen in Winnipeg or Regina, not sure about Hamilton or Calgary.

Edmonton, BC, and Montreal are in my opinion the worst offenders from my own experience.

I know if it was my teams stadium I would really try to get it to stop. I hope you guys can make it happen.

God, I had successfully ignored the PA announcers until this thread.

Thanks a lot.

it is done very poorly. as is Crazy P. both have to go.

I want them to bring back the lumberjack. That was cool.

I want ''Gerome the Gnome'' :roll: :roll: :roll: