PA announcer

Seems to me like he’s toned it down, too. Gotta remember your role…announce the game…let Pete and the cheerleaders do their own thing.

But…I’m sure if we were 4-1, there’d be a lot less complaints.

Actually I think it's the other way around. If we were 4-1, people would be looking for something to complain about.....and if we're winning, Jason would have more things to shoot his mouth off about.

That leads me to believe this would be a bigger issue if we didn't have to worry about our D-Line, our O-Line, our star QB's 0 passing TD's, our star RB's injury problems, and our last place 1-4 record.

Perhaps...I just think everyone is a bit sour right now -- and everything is rubbing them the wrong way.

I will say, any PA announcer is less infuriating than lining up in the shotgun on 2nd and 1 on the 6.

HAHAHAHA! Agreed, but you forgot "With a cold QB from the bench that literally just replaced our injured starter."

That's what made it so infuriating.... that and lets not forget Lumsden's yards per carry this season. What a joke.

He is annoying and its been said over and over on this forum for years but the team refuses to do anything about it. We cant find players so why not find an announcer?
Here is what you need to do jason:
set up the play, let the play happen, then tell us what just happened. simple and concise.
Dont scream sack ack ack ack in everyones ear please, it hurts when the volume is at 10 and what if we start to get lots of sacks? ouch!!!!!!1

It's a skipping record: he should be replaced.

I remember well when we had P.A. announcers who didn't turn a football experience into some roided-up version of a monster truck rally gone terribly wrong. On TSN, he is BRUTAL in comparison to any other P.A. in the league, IMHO. The P.A. guy's job is to announce what has happened on the field and to intonate enough to spur audience reaction from the action itself. All that clown does outside of the actual down and distance call is make the Ticats a cheerleading afterthought.


I miss Bill Stirrup. Enough said.

Oski Wee Wee,

Farr watched too many Popeye cartoons as a kid. Isn't Popeye's laugh the inspiration for the stupid "sack-ack-ack-ack-ack" thing?

he is the ONLY stadium announcer who can be heard while watching the game at home on tv...i can hear him asloud as the tsn other stadium, but IWS does this happen.

You're absolutely right... we don't need a PA announcer. to tell us what's going on..


What a persistent, obnoxious noise that bloody PA announcer is. Personally, I'd never go to Never Win Stadium, simply because I have no intention of subjecting myself to that noise pollution.

Jolly Roger Centre, formerly known as Sky Dome is also a pain in the ears: non-stop crapulence spewing from the sound system.

W.T.F. is the matter with the natural sounds of the game, and those in attendance making the noise when they feel like it ?!


I agree.