PA announcer

This guy is complete crap. He screwed up so many times last night. He called Ricky Ray Jason Maas at one point and he called Richie Williams Casey Printers. Printers wasn't in the game at that point and Maas didn't even play. Get rid of this guy already.

I’m not sure why he also says “and now, on the field, is your Ticat defence” as if they should be preferred over our offence being on the field. Heard it too many times last night. Could never understand this.

Yeah I watched the game on tv outside of the blackout zone and he sounds ten times more rediculous on tv. I hardly even hear other teams' announcers on tv and when I do they're not bellowing like an idiot.

The guy is a complete TOOL

At times he reminded me of Bob Uker(?) the PA announcer in the movie Major Leauge. I could picture him having a few drinks between announcements.

He's actually really improved, but my favourite was

Why was it that we announced Edmonton and not our own team?? I was not happy about that.

Of all (and there have been MANY) of Bob Young's this guy has not been one of them is a great mystery.

Jamie Farr has to be related to someone in the TiCat Ivory Tower.

I miss Bill Stirrup.Didn't matter where you went,Tiger-cat games,McMaster Marauders,Bernie Arbour Stadium,Mountain Arena,Hamilton Forum,Copps Colisium,he was there.I didn't even know his name,just his voice,he was everywhere.I'm sure he must have done many sporting events that he didn't even get paid for.Jason Farr has big shoes to fill,thats for sure.

That has nothing to do with Farr... before the game, each team has the option... they can choose to have their offense announced, their defense announced, or come out as a whole team with no name announcements... the Eskies obviously chose to have their defense announced, and Hamilton the whole team.

If makes us CFL fans look like morons. We are told when to cheer when not to cheer.
Told which team is the offence which is the defence.
Wouldn't it be great to watch a game in silence.
Has anyone been to an international Soccer game - wow - the fans are singing, chanting, jeering - with no help from a PA announcer!!

These complaints have going on now for 3 years. Why has nothing been done about this guy?

Despite all the complaining about him, what he does works.

When he says cheer for the defence, people cheer for the defense. When he says nothing, a lot fewer people cheer for the defense.

Without Farr telling people when to cheer, IW would be a pretty silent place much more of the time.

The announcer is just an element of a very poor and tired in stadium is amateurish at best...for pete sake "out run a real estate agent" give me a break...give the event element of the game to some pro's who will make the experience at least different from game to game....and my last past of the rant...the concessions at halk time are chance of getting your snack and beer and being back prior to kick off....I used to love Ivor am beginning to dread going

Ok... I love soccer, the environment at a 'footy' match and I love the culture of soccer supporters. Having said that, I despise when one feels as if gridiron football fans should take a page from soccer fans.

Football is episodic, soccer is fluid and that has a direct impact on the culture of support. A football crowd is tied to the game; loud for the defense, responsive to the success or woes of the offense.. a soccer crowd can sing and drink the whole game away because there aren't discrete 'episodes' of action other than set pieces or scoring chances which are random and can happen at anytime or never.

So they're different... I doubt as if a soccer crowd could ever have the impact of deafening the opposing offense's pre-snap cadence. Like wise, you can't get through a verse of your favourite fight song at a football game without being interrupted by a big hit or a great catch.

okay nice lecture but you missed my point entirely!
We Don't Need a PA announcer to tell us when to cheer and when not to cheer and to explain that the defence is now on the field. The PA announcer is assuming that we don't know what's going on.
My comparison to a soccer crowd is that soccer fans know what's going on they don't need PA announcers telling them to cheer now or sing now. They know what's going on. I would really be happy with no music, no play by play (listen to the radio), let us think for ourselves.

There has been a lot to be distressed about at IWS over the past few years.
The last thing we should have to worry about is the PA guy.
So why are we?
Quite simply...he is quite horrible.
Many of us in Box Eh have commented on his announcing for several years now. For the most part...the comments are sadly negative.
I'm sure the job is a difficult one. Trying to get the crowd into a team that consistently disappoints is not enviable to say the least
However it is an insult to veteran fans to have to put up with this nonsense on a regular basis.It needs to stop as I find it takes away from what is a rapidly declining game day experience.
I had the good fortune of knowing and working with Mr. Bill Stirrup. Professional is the word that best describes truly one of the great ones.
He is sadly missed.

I never personally liked Jason Farr, don't care to hear him at anytime...

His worst saying( in my opinion ) is, " I SAY TIGER-YOU SAY CATS". I think he should tone it down a bit on the chearleading.I appreciate his enthusiasm but,thats just embarrassing.

Jason Farr is actually a pretty good guy, but I tend to agree with the other posters...he is not a good PA announcer and when you hear him on TSN, he sounds rediculous.

This is not a Raptors game and Jason Farr is not Herbie Kuhn. He still needs to tone it down even though he already has from his first season.

If there is a positive thing to say it's that he is getting better and I can tolerate him more now than before, but it's taking him way to long get to the level where he needs to be.

Does anyone else think that Jesse Lumsden threatened Farr?? I haven't heard "rumblin' tumblin' Lumsden" once this