Most likly to become our first 1000 yrd reciver since dj flick. Get him signed to a long term deal and let him make plays

dont call him P-Rod....thats such a horrible nickname.....his real nickname is Big Play Prechea.

But i agree...this guy has some skills....he is going to be a star reciever in this league....he might even be the Eastern Nominee for Rookie of the year.

[i]Big Play Prechae[/i] is a much better nickname that harkens back to the old nicknames when they were very creative and descriptive as opposed to the lame initial and name shortening nicknames that lack any creativity and descriptiveness.

Why cant we just call the man by his name? "Prechae"

I agree that P-Rod is the stupidest nickname I've heard in a long time.



Sounds like a male adult film star's name.......

Yea ditch the stupid nickname!!

Why not just PR ??

P-Rod ! That's just nasty.

why does everyone hate it?
Not that im in love with it but its nice and short.

P-Rod for me. Every time I try to same his name (and it is long) I am not going to say "hey did you see Big Play Prechae catch the ball. Don't think so.

So call him BPP for short.

He definately has talent.

I think your on to something. :thup:

Possibly because it sounds like a nickname for a pregnancy test :stuck_out_tongue:

I think he is a great addition to the team and we really do have to lock him up. I think the team should look into getting him a running coach to help in the off season. If he could pick up another 1/2 second of speed or so, he would be a terror. Also, I don't care for P Rod, sounds weird.

Q-Por did a great job of getting P-Rod the ball Saturday :smiley:

:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :thup:
 Let's lock him up before he gets really good and gets NFL aspirations.

 I know you can't coach speed, but you sure can coach someone how to run; teach him some broken-field running, and with those looooooooong legs of his he'll get a lot of YAC after out-jumping LBs and DBs.