P-ROD signed

the cats have signed p-rod through 2011. its in todays spec but cant find it on spec.com

Nice Signing...

Obie...get out there and get hiim some help so teams cant key on him!!!!

8) They have also re-signed slotback Chris Davis through to 2011.

nice to see prechae is gunna be here for a few years, definately a playmaker. :thup:

Great news.

Lost in all the negativity was the late season signing and play of Chris Davis- quick, great hands - always got open - bunch of TDs to boot.
Often its the lower profile additions that end up being huge.

Thought I would add this link and follow that up with a HUGE... THANK THE LORD! Can't wait for him to take the field in 2009.


I hope to see Prechae play like he did this past season.

Both are solid signings... however with game film on PR he's going to have to work that much harder to get the same results this year. I still feel we need one more veteran quality receiver to play with Bauman, Prechae, Davis/Mitchell...

I think it's a given that Rodriguez, Davis and Bauman will start at receiver for Hamilton in 2009. But who will the fourth starting reeceiver be? Gotta think Miles is out. And Have Scott Mitchell, Woodcock and Cohen shown enough to take that spot?

Hope Obie signs a free agent to round out the starting receivers. Bratton would look good here.

there's still Ernest Jackson.

Forgot about Jackson. Thanks. I think he could be the other starter.


Cohan and Jackson are very young but talented receivers and we have to keep these guy somehow. Cohan showed some real talent on kick returns and receiving late in the season this guy has speed and hes a keeper. :thup:

Jo Jo

I think Jo Jo Walker played great at the slot when he got the chance to play. He got stuck behind Miles last year when he was healthy. I really never understood why he didn't play more often. The problem now may be whether he will have to play behind Davis. This guy deserves a real shot, and can also be used to return kick-offs and punts if needed.

Hallelulia! I was skeptical that we'd get Prechae back and through 2011?! This is great news. Well, that's one thing done right. Welcome back Prechae.