P-Rod: Prechae "Big Play" Rodriguez

Did anyone else notice something weird about P-Rod tonite?

It seemed like everytime he caught the ball, he wanted to put a fancy move on the defender and break the play wide open. He didn't catch the ball, turn up field and try to pick up yards.

I was honestly starting to get frustrated up in the stands because he was being too fancy after he caught the ball.

I love P-Rod, even got his jersey in the offseason but I just found this a little bit weird. He's a great receiver but he's got to get us the tough yards in the middle and keep the sticks moving.

Who is P-Rod?

Prechae "Big Play" Rodriguez

What ever man, he's a good receiver. The best we have. Thank god he's here for 3 more years.

He still a Very Young WR who was star Basketball Player
He only been playing football a while now He in titled to a few little errors. :lol:

No, not whatever. He is a great receiver and I love the guy to death but he's got to get us yards. He can't dance around when he gets the ball.

Prechae is a great receiver who can and has made big plays for us. This was just one thing that I picked up.

My question was more of a....The guy doesn't go by P-Rod and it's a goofy name type of thing.

Rodriguez is more of a deep threat then a dump pass guy. That's basically all we did the other night. Run into the pile for 2 yards. Dump pass for 2 yards, punt. Run into the pile for 2 yards. Dump pass for 3 yards. Punt. When we did bomb it down field, it was always out of the reach of our players, and mostly intended for Chris Davis, who can catch it short and make it into big plays, but can't seem to catch bombs. When Porter did air it out to the endzone for Rodriguez near the end, he got it in tight double coverage. If we could've aired it out a few times earlier, or at least thrown past the 1st down marker, we might've been able to make something out of that game.

What did you say, hendy 77 :lol:

AMAN TO THAT. Just don't sweat the small stuff.

Because he's used to catching bombs deep down the field, not 2 yard passes with 3 argos in your face. Think they finally realized that at the end when he caught a long pass in the end zone in tight double coverage.

P-Rod? Zero for originality.