P-Rod at practice

Has anyone been at this weeks practices. I'm just wondering if P-Rod has been in with the first team and if so, how's he looking. I'd sure be nice to get him back in for Fridays game. :cowboy:

I think I remember it saying in the Spectator that he was, but I might be thinking of someone else.

Was on CHCH news tonight that he was back at practice today

Drew should have worded his sentence this way.

'Prechae was practicing today.' instead of 'Prechae was at practice today.'

All players have to attend practice whether they are healthy or not.


Along with the injury Prechae got to his knee
a while back he suffered a painful bone bruise

He spends a lot of time early in each practice
warming up his knee riding a stationary bike

to get the blood flowing to reduce or eliminate
the pain he feels when he lands on that leg.

He has been taking reps with the first team.

The coaches evaluate practice film
to see how this is affecting his play.