P. Lefko on Lumsden

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Argos or Eskies..............................................Ticats?

Take your pick?????

this guy has the argo's doing all the picking. just a DB from Calgary for hamilton he thinks. :thdn:

disappointing article from mr. lefko. this is about the most shallow, least-informed prognostication on free agency that i've seen in years.
if all of lefko's work was this facile, he'd be out of a job.

What I can't understand is why he seems to think the Esks and the Argos will be doing all the signing. Why couldn't he conceive that Hamilton would be going after Murphy or Lloyd or Picard ? Is this guy an Argo homer?

Perry how dare you shut out the TiCats like that. :lol: You know how to spoil the weekend. :wink:

I would think that Hamilton has a shot at either Murphy or Gauthier. Can't see either the Argos or Ticats signing both with the dollars being reported. If the Argos can get both Gauthier and Picard that would probably be the way they will go. I would rate Murphy ahead of Gauthier but in the CFL you have to go with the best Canadians you can get your hand on. The Argos need starting Canadians.

Hamilton has the edge to sign both Murphy and Gauthier:

-Obie has a relationship with Murphy from BC
-Scott Mitchell used to be Gauthier's agent
-The Ticats have made upgrading the OT spot a FA priority, and have $ to spend
-would having a francophone HC tip the scales toward Gauthier signing in Hamilton? I think it is a factor

And unlike the Argos, who are probably looking at signing several free agents, the Cats, IMO, are just focusing on Murphy and Gauthier. So Hamilton will probably have more money to spend on those two particular players. I think Hamilton's plan is to sign Murphy and Gauthier as free agents, then trade their two first round picks in the draft for help at receiver and D-Line. And I would be happy with that.

You make some very good points, but at the same time WHY would we trade a first round pick for help at receiver? We have a solid group of young talented guys who are only going to get better with experience. IMO we don’t need the help at receiver… on the other hand I would be perfectly fine with us trading one of those picks for a D-lineman like you said.

Could we see Edmonton DE - Brandon Guillory sign with us? With 26 tackles and 6 sacks last year he gathered some interest from the NFL as well. He could turn out to be a stud and a solid force on our D-Line.

Not a bad article in my opinion.

What I truly disagree with is that Lumsden would be the most hated Arblow since O’Shea if he signs with Toronto.

I feel Lumsden all things considered would rather play in Hamilton.
He is part of the Cats family in every sense.
I would cheer for him in double blue when he was not playing us.
I would prefer him sign there if he does not resign with the Cats. The team up the highway need to restore some interest and Jessie would do that.
O’Shea chose the team down the street over us…BIG-DIFFERENCE

Lumsden will not be the villan PL was making him out to be in his article!

If Obie managed to sign Guillory, it would be a coup. This kid has serious NFL interest.

GBonds88 you asked one-on-one

Remember we have cleaned out our Canadian receiving corps, GBonds88

a quote from Steve Milton's article today. [I posted the rest of it as a thread]

Roster strength has at least two dimensions, breadth and depth.

And among their Canadian passports -- the Cats are deep at
only the interior offensive line, at maybe-starting linebacker,

and at defensive back.

There is no depth at offensive receiver with
only promising Chad Rempel behind Bauman.

Why would a free agent want to sign in Toronto this year? The team is in as bad a shape as its been in since the early 2000's. We may be rebuilding as well, but the main pieces are in place...

Same reason as why anyone would want to sign with the Cats the last 3 seasons. The Argos will pay you money just like anyone else and maybe a little more than everyone else. Everyone knows they are rebuilding and wouldn't it be nice to stick it out for a few years, help them win, and look back and say, hey, I was here when times were bad, now I'm here when times are good.

To be honest, the Argos and Cats were the worst teams last year, period. Sure the Cat have a much better outlook for 2009 than the Argos but still, it's not like we are going to blow the league away this year. Maybe next year.

Remember how bad the Als looked last winter to some, new coach with no CFL experience, Callveo suicidal ect. <:)

Calvillo suicidal??????????????