P/K Hugh O'Neill signed to PR

Hamilton Tiger-Cats ?@Ticats 2m2 minutes ago
The #Ticats have signed kicker/punter Hugh O'Neill to the practice squad. More info to come soon..

Drew Edwards ?@scratchingpost 1m1 minute ago
The #TIcats have signed kicker Hugh O’Neill (@huuugh18) to the practice roster. He’s here at practice in Calgary today. #CFL

Fear the Beard!!!!!!!!!!

Part of me says: "Whew! We have a backup plan in place if something happens to JM!", while another part of me says: "HAHAHAHAHA!!! We got him before the blew team did, and Swayze Waters just suffered a thigh injury!"...

Except that since O'Neill was signed to the PR the blew team could claim him. The only way the Cats could then keep him would be to put him on the active roster - not likely to happen.

How serious is Sneezy Waters injury?


That's what I was thinking. Sign him so that the Argos can't. I was actually thinking the same about the Riders signing McCallum before their next opponent, the Argos do.

What's with the beard thing ? is it in style ?, is it a playoff beard from last year?, or is it the trend to never shave again ? It's an epidemic in the NFL and CFL I can see a giant of man on the O line or a D line looking like Grizzly Adams but a lowly PK ! ew we .....me tough !!!! me kick pig skin :thup: :thdn: :lol: :roll: :o :?

Hugh always makes me think of this song


Don't understand this whole new beardo culture. I can't do it. You see I actually LIKE the idea that a girl might want to kiss me at some point. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess the last two posters prefer to keep their faces free of hair like a woman.

It's obviously not a "trend"; it's called being a man and looking like one.

You guys shouldn't be so eager to show how simple your brains are, nor how douchy you are. Cats99 borders on being illiterate at times, and has the balls to come on here and criticize a man looking like a man.

That's it, prairiedog. Keep thinking positively. It could still happen for you, someday. :slight_smile:

(As for the next poster in the thread ... I almost thought he was looking to rehab his already dreadful reputation by recently starting a normal thread on injured D-linemen.)

Im sure it must have been you that the Caretaker was talking about last week. I think he used words like troll, personal attacks and the like when talking about the few around who dont have the sense of a deflated football. Maybe you might just want to grow up a bit. Growing a beard has nothing to do with being a man. I can live with them or without them. Yes before you ask I have.
Now see how easy that was to say without being disrespectful and still getting my point across.
I could have resorted to personal attacks but I really don`t need to stoop to that level.
If you care to you can either grow up or take off. Are you man enough to grow up. I guess your next post will tell us.
Have a very pleasant afternoon.

:thup: :thup:

I try to bring some Humor to this topic and then I am personally attacked?! i am illiterate and because I shave a women :lol: who has a brain of a pea now!
Wow !

There are several subcultures on the beard bandwagon right now. Off the top of my head there's southern rural culture that has identified with it strongly for a long time, and has been given an extra push from the popularity of the TV show "duck dynasty". Then there's the urban hipster crowd, for whom it seems to be sort of an ironic anachronistic thing, and then there's "granola" culture who seem to see it as a "naturalistic" kind of thing. And I'm sure there are individuals who don't identify with any of those groups who just "like" having a beard. I guess Orthodox Jews would be another example, but I don't think many of them play pro football.

Me thinks you need to work on your humour......

Typo: ok Rednecks! Me spell bad !

Me three.

Amazingly inappropriate post by canadianfootballfan. Caretaker warned him. Are more warnings required?

Not to go too far off track but who do you guys think canadianfootballfan really is? His anger reminds me of someone that used to come on here and troll, cant quite remember name though. Jason is ringing a bell, or something along those lines.

Anyways back on topic... Epic beard :thup:

Getting back to the topic - they might have signed him to keep him from Ottawa too. Ottawa has lost their kicker for the season and Alverado who is an import is on a short leash. I am sure that Ottawa was trying to snap him up too.

He`s only on the PR so he could be snapped up by either the Argos or Ottawa unless KA puts him on the active roster. if we do that someone comes off the roster.....unless of course he where to develop a mysterious upper body injury the requires him to be on the one game injury list say 10 minutes after he is activated..... :wink:

Apparently KA is looking at him for punting duties:

Drew Edwards

#Ticats coach Kent Austin on K/P @huuugh18: "He's done all 3 jobs before but we're going to take a look at him primarily as a punter" #CFL