P.Jackson hurt?

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Preliminary report on the radio was slight shoulder seperation.....Anyone confirm or hear how long he is out?

I too heard a separated shoulder, but that was it. An injury like that has got to have him out for at least a couple of weeks I would think.

This really sucks though, three of our recievers are out...now we're going to backups and practice roster...it looks like it's going to be a long year...

Sounds like he's saying that he may play this friday due to Simmons being out also regardless of his shoulder. Not good.
Guess we'll see what some of our practise roster guys can do.

Man, I had Claremont in my week 1 fantasy pool, and Simmons in week 2, and both got injured. Arg.

Josh Boden could draw in with those injuries. Good experience for the kid!

i think he is going to play at less than 100% on friday. He better not make it worse

well....i think we should sit him because it's only the start of the season...i rather have him play 100% next week

Tony Simmons is hurt too, DAMN I didnt have enough time to remove him from my fsn fantasy team!

These injurys suck for the lions maybe they will trade for an underachieving receiver from another team. Cavil, Kamau Peterson, Thyron Anderson, Rambo, Gaylor? All of them are probably tradeable and would help the lions in my opinion.