ozzy! ((:

Does anyone know were i can find the video of the ozzy feild goal in 1998. sometimes i would really like to see that again. it makes my day when i think about it lol.

Is this the kick with like 2 seconds on the clock vs the Als?

ask chch11, they usually keep that stuff.

Mike Hogan had a part of his radio gig yesterday “your favorite sports moment”
I was trying to get on and could not.

That ball hung in the air for what seemed like an eternity.
Never a doubt that it would be good.

Oh I hope Nick Setta can bring that poker faced gun slinger attitude to the Cats this year that Ozzy had!!

I still get goosebumps thinking of that moment.

If you can recall, the 'Cats were thumping the Als in the first half, and the Als made a huge comeback and took the lead very late in the 4th quarter. The 'Cats had little time left on the clock, and got the ball to something like the 48 yard line on a couple of quick passes to who else but Darren Flutie. Then Ozzy kicked a 55 yarder, and the place just erupted.

That was definately the most memerable moment that I have from a live sports event. It was so loud the stadium just shook. All of us were hugging each other and jumping up and down. I still remember that moment vividly. It was amazing.


I have that whole game on VHS. Does anyone have the technology to get it onto DVD? I'd be more that willing to get that done so I could distribute it to the masses. Free of charge, of course.

You described it perfectly....that was also my best moment as a Tiger-Cat fan......nothing else even comes close...

thanks for saving me the keystrokes PJ.... :wink:

Here's an idea: maybe the Ticats video techies can collect memorable moments like that in whatever form and make a special section so we can just click on the memory.....I know I'd be grateful for sure along with most of the rest of the fans.


yahh! :slight_smile:
that kick was so exciting!
maybe there will bemore like it this year.

I had bad memories aboutt that kick I was at that game with my dad and with the time on the clock he figured there would be no way the Cats could come back and he wanted to beat the traffic, he drove so I kinda had to follow him and we walked out.

As we were walking past Scott Park Arena the Stadium erupts with cheers so loud and so clear I could swear I was still in the stadium and I was freaking "What happened what happened" and there was a policeman sitting in his car on the street listening to a game he was freaking yelling "Ozzy kicked a 55 yard field goal the Cats win!!" Just screaming like his wife just gave birth..and I missed the kick because my dad wanted to save 10 minutes and beat the traffic.

He apologized to me for weeks after that..

hah, im sorry as well. it was pretty amazing!
it puts a smil on my face everytime i think about it, it was SO LOUD!:slight_smile: i think we should support our team more this year!:slight_smile: haha, that was a great game!

I have the game on DVD, would like a copy?

You should download it on to youtube!
Or something.

Thumping? Its getting to be so long ago things are getting forgotten.

The biggest lead the Cats ever had was 15-0 and that was in the first qtr.

Ham. got the ball back with 20 secs. left. Not surprisingly, error prone Terry Baker (the Heartbreaker)needed a time consuming kickoff close to the ground, hopefully hitting someone to start the clock.

Instead he brain cramps a short high kick which Williams took at around the thirty and took it up to the 45 taking very little time off the clock and leaving plenty of time for 3 or four plays to set up FG.

A pass to Flutie, a first down, and a rush by Wms. leaves the ball at MTL's 47 with 11 secs. on second down and the rest is history...

P.S. If you watch closley as Lancaster sends the FG team on and the offense leaves the field you can see Morreale look at the bench with disgust and incredulity and DMAC a little somber. No doubt both wanted to run off another play to get closer.

Honourable mention, Ozzy's winning FG kick vs. Ott. in the 92 semi-final stunning come from behind win.

Next to Ian Sunter's game-winning field goal in the 1972 Grey Cup. Ozzie's 54-yarder against the Als is the biggest kick in team history -- and certainly in IWS history. I watched ozzie's boot on TV and was elated. Clutch kick by a clutch kicker.

The picture of Dave Ritchie sunken down and hands and knees at the Montreal bench is a sight I'll never forget. Tough way to lose a game, but as we did with Paul Ridgway in 1989 and Mark McLoughlin in 1998 in those Grey Cups...

Oski Wee Wee,

Here's an idea: maybe the Ticats video techies can collect memorable moments like that in whatever form and make a special section so we can just click on the memory.....I know I'd be grateful for sure along with most of the rest of the fans.
DVDs! Team DVD's, of great games, or great moments, or Grey Cup wins, or highlight reels of great players. Sell DVDs! I've been on this forever. Someone needs to sell Ti-Cat DVDs!

...I wrote to the CFL about this and they said "we'll look into it." But nothing yet...

I was there as well probably the best game I ever saw live. Other than the 89 Grey cup and the 2 game total points come from behind win over the Argos at Exhibition Stadium. :smiley:

I saw the old overtime wins for Hamilton during the 60s when guys like Faloney and Henley became virtual heros for finding ways to win by returning kicks, quick kicks, etc.

I was also fortunate enough to witness Ian Sunter's winning field goal in the 72 Grey Cup game versus Saskatchewan, but for shear excitement, these pale in comparison to Ozzy's winning 55 yarder in 1998.
When it happened, I was already on my feet and about to head down a stairway to get under the south stands at the east end of the stadium. This put me in perfect position to see the goal post right in front of me and Ozzy's kick sailing between them for the most exciting TiCat win of my life.
As it happened, I didn't want to go home that day. I didn't care at that point if I ever went home again.
This moment reaffirmed my season ticket purchases for the next several seasons.

Oz has Taken a very Low Profile
after Breaking the Danny Mac Trade 2 Seasons Ago..

The odd thing is....

The "td" the als scored to pull ahead bounced before the receiver caught it.

Man, you Cats fans have long memories. Too bad these last few years won't provide you with nearly as many memories to be looked back upon so fondly.

An Argo-Cat fan