Ozzy Kick on Youtube

Will someone who has a copy of that game put the kick on youtube. The kick with like 1 second left in the 1998 eastern final?

It is probably copy-righted so I doubt it will happen. Only if someone snuck a cam'corder into the stadium and caught it on film will that happen. And I am pretty sure they are not allowed in stadiums.

But it was a story book moment.

Not the whole game, just the last couple minutes, there are others like tht on Youtube.

yes, if they recorded the game at home on TV, it might happen.

i have it on VHS but getting it over to computer is an issue.

It sure would be great if the CFL had an agreement with YouTube in which they put clips like these on it. The NHL has that kind of agreement with YouTube, as you can see if you click here. After reading that article, it certainly makes sense for that kind of agreement to happen. And I do recall it being said that Mark Cohon is the kind of commissioner for the YouTube generation.

I think putting up old highlights on YouTube is a good idea. Why not? You get another forum to showcase great plays and great players from years gone by. As is stands now there's no way to see things like this. And we're only talking about short clips, not entire games.

I'd love to see Tony Champion's catch in the 89 Grey Cup on there. Or Flutie's fumble in the 96 Grey Cup, or Gizmo Williams running back a kick for a TD then doing a flip.

Unless the CFL wants to start up something like NFL Films and put out their own DVD's I don't see why they shouldn't do it.

I don't see any reasons the CFL shouldn't have that kind of agreement with YouTube either. Anything that can get more people to be more likely to see how entertaining the CFL can be certainly sounds like a good idea.

I understand that CBC would have many CFL games in their archives, and so clips from past CFL games are there. It would be good to at least see these clips up on CBC.ca. That could be a good way for them to advertise what they broadcast.