Ozzy is fighting an unknown disease

I read in today's Spectator that Paul Osbaldiston is sick with an unknown disease and it started about a year ago. Does anyone know More than I.

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GEEZ, that is too bad...hopefully they can find the problem and he can get back to his normal activities.

My father-in-law lost a ton of weight 10 years ago, same thoughts when he was cleared of cancer.
Turned out to be as simple as a severe wheat allergy. He is a celiac and his cure was simple.
Hope similar for Ozzy.


No doubt it could be that or something else . Its good that ozzy health issues are starting to improve and he also joined hitchcock and Moreale on there youtube / ticat audio network twice after the event for Danny no doubt interacting with the guys again was a positive thing even though they didnt recognize him at first . Makes sense why they didn't recognize him at first since weight loss is noticeable in his face , i meet Ozzy in 2019 and wasn't easy to tell him and danny apart then except for Danny's glasses


I met Oz at the old squash club site that the Cats used during those transition years . We talked about his boy and how he was doing in school . My daughter was his teacher . He's a proud dad . As we get older, it takes longer for us to beat what ails us . Oz is a winner and he'll beat this too . :heartbeat:


I still can remember sitting in the stands in Regina when Ozzie kicked the winning field goal. At that time he was replacing Bernie R. My buddy said to me who I would sooner have kicking that long winning field goal and at that time I said Bernie. After that I never worried about Ozzie's ability after that. Not sure if this was his first game with the Ti-cats or not but i believe it was. The memory not what it once was.


Bernie was the Cat kicker in 1985 . Bernie played 9 games in 86 as did Oz . I assume Oz played the last 9 games of the regular season, the playoffs and the Grey Cup . Bernie was injured, according to Gentle Ben Zambiasi, when he punted left on a punt right ST call . Bernie attempted to make the tackle . He injured his leg in the attempt . In 1986 the Cats played the Riders on Aug. 16 beating Sask 23 - 21 in Hamilton . On Sept 14 the Cats tied the Riders 21 - 21 in overtime in Regina . I think Ruoff played in the first of those games and Oz played in the tie . . It was an 18 game regular season schedule with the Cats finishing 9 - 8 - 1 . As a rookie , Oz tied a record for 6 field goals in the Grey Cup in 1986 . He was the Most Valuable Canadian in the game . * I think the Argo game Sept 7 may have been his first game . I'm just trying to do the math here .


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Really ??? Welcome to the Tiger - Cat Forum .

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Maybe rabies for this Ozzy?

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Ruoff was injured in the Labour Day game against the Alouettes. He was injured early in the second quarter when he scooped up a low snap and ran five yards for a first down but his knee buckled on the tackle as he was heading out of bounds. Dan Huclack took over the placekicking duties for the remainder of the game by kicking a field goal, a couple of converts and a couple of singles on missed field goal attempts. Osbaldiston was the kicker for the next game in Toronto on Sept.7 and kicked for the remainder of the season.


I always thought I had a good memory for Ticat football, but if you remembered all that then a tip of the hat is in order. All I remember is Ruoff getting injured the second half of the year. Ticats were Ozzy’s third team that year, all injury call ups. Think he was in BC and Wpg prior to here

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That's not the way Ben Zambiasi tells it .

It's not due to good memory, it's just that I have all the facts.

Then Zambiasi has it all wrong. Best to ask Bernie himself if you really want to know what happened.

Absolute certainty have you met I have all the facts ? :laughing: