8) Drew is reporting that Paul Osbaldiston is at training camp this morning.
  He is apparently working with Justin Medlock and Eric Wilbur on their kicking game.

   Couldn't get advice and help from a more qualified former star than Ozzy, that's for sure !!!

You are so right Tipper.
Ozzy was the best!

The Great Oz with the golden leg. :thup:

#3 has been too hard to replace..

His shadow is almost as large as the Swilling winds of IWS

Not to be negative but he came in to help Sandro and he still missed a 17 yarder.

To be fair that was mid season and in a week with pressure to win the next game, it's a little hard for it to sink in.It's great that Medlock and Wilbur are learning this early.

For the record.. it's not "Ozzy" it's Ozzie. Ozzy is a heavy metal rocker and Ozzie is the greatest CFL kicker ever.

I would think that 25 years after he was given that nickname people would know the difference between him and the rock star.

His own site for reference: http://www.ozziekicks.com/

Hahahahaha. Damn I kept meaning to get back to this.

Ozzy is helping out? That's great! Why didn't he try out for the stadium announcers job? Betcha noone would be square dancing then. Of course, don't think he'd be all that easy to understand either. All I know is he'd be noisy on D. I like that.

Oh you mean Ozzie? My bad I thought you meant someone else.