Ozzie is now Spec. Teams Asst.

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New role for Ozzie

No one is as familiar with the fickle wind at Ivor Wynne Stadium than Paul Osbaldiston.

No player embraced the Hammer and its football culture as passionately as Osbaldiston, who has gone from a kicking consultant to a special teams assistant, a move head coach George Cortez announced during a Monday conference call with reporters.

Whether Osbaldiston uses the experience to become a full-time coach at some point, only time will tell.

For now, his addition is quite fitting seeing that Ivor Wynne Stadium will be torn down following this season.

“He’ll be more involved in the special teams aspect,’’ Cortez said of Osbaldiston, a Ticat great and a two-time Grey Cup champion.

Cortez said he recently sat down with Osbaldiston when the opportunity to join Cortez’s staff was broached.

Besides dealing with the team’s punters and kickers, Osbaldiston will have get to exposed to the day-to-day coaching routine of film viewing, game planning and player evaluation.

Like any incoming head coach, one of Cortez’s first priorities was to assemble his staff.

Osbaldiston provides a connection to the Ticats and their community, while new special teams coach Jim Daley gives Cortez a sounding board seeing how Daley served as a CFL head coach.[/b]

This is good news!!! :thup: