Oz is Back

Thank the Baby Jesus for the good news. :thup: :thup: :thup:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Great news indeed!

He's our pinball of the Ticats.

Did Ozzy travel with the team last year for road games?

Sounds strange but I don't think he did.

Probably not. The amount of coaches/advisors/scouts on a football team is huge when compared to a sport like soccer.
It wouldn't surprise me if the coaching/admin salaries are higher than the players salaries cap.
GM, head coach, OC, assistant OCs, DC and assistant DC's, line coaches, kicking coaches, scouts, trainers, water people, medical staff, how many are out there? who controls all these people?

I'm glad he is back! :thup:

Ok Pat. You've alluded to the expression about to whom we owe our thanks on a couple of threads.
Do some of us a favour by leaving religious innuendos out of these threads.
You're too good a writer for that.

Maybe "thank Muhammed" ?? then everyone would be too afraid to say anything??...........lol

Field goal attempt you miss....i kill you


Someone posted that Darrell Adams, former player and strengh-conditioning coach last year, was not on the listing of football ops people and not on the coaching list. Scratching Post indicates he has caught on with Carleton U as a coach there in their football program. I'm sorry to see him gone, but glad he has a new gig.

I just assumed he was being absurdly over the top for comic effect, like this: