Oy, schedulers!

So we have Montreal at Winnipeg week 1, then Winnipeg at Montreal week 2. Really? As it turns out NBCSC did the game week 1 game and ESPN2 will have the game week 2. Bad scheduling to me. Also, how will it work next year when there are 9 teams?..Bye for a team each week or Tuesday/Wednesday games to bridge the gap?

The league some how managed a 9 team league for 50 years before so ,I'm sure they can do it again. :smiley:

You just need to go back to the schedule when the Renagades were still alive and you can see the set up. used was a 20 week season. Each team getting two by weeks within the 20 week season with some odd mid week Wed games or a Monday game giving a team what comes down to playing two games in one week due to the limit of 9 teams and 18 games to play.
All the reason more for the CFL, TSN, and the other owners to want a big push for team 10 to eliminate those weeks where they may play essencially 2 games with 4 or sometimes 3 games rest between games.
If it were a 16 game schedule it would work out perfect with each team getting two byes on in the first 8 weeks and one in the second 8 weeks.
This would be the same for an 11 team league with an 18 game schedule so while 10 will be pushed for hard by all involved 11 would fit nicely also into a 20 weeks schedule to play 18 games and getting 2 byes.

I wonder if TSN would ever invest in a team for that very reason.

i'm a little surprised BELL ( TSN's parent company ) doesn't have even a part ownership stake in any CFL team.

Rogers owns the Bluejays, and Rogers and Bell together own the Leafs, Raptors, TFC & Marlies.

it would appear to be right up their ally to own a CFL team - existing or expansion.
i wonder if Cohon has ever had conversations with Bell directors about this? if so, i would love to know the details.

TSN did own the Argos at one time (1994-99) although was owned by then parent co. Labatt Brewing in it’s short lived attempt in the media/broadcast enterprises.

Yes, it would appear to be a synergistic business model for TSN (now parent Bell/CTV) to integrate one of the oldest and highest viewed sports properties in Canada with their vast broadcast media outlets.

It just makes sense.

i think labatt also owned the jays at that time, and possibly the skydome as well.

As a former Bell customer, no thanks. Besides, I think Rogers and Bell own enough of this country. Bell just bought Astral, which gives them literally one-third of the English stations in Canada.

TSN or Bell probably don't own any teams because they generally aren't that profitable. They'd probably have to invest in some major infrastructure so it would be a huge investment for probably a minimal profit coming back their way. I'd love to see it, but they are businesses and are in it to make money.

But Rogers corp. loses approximately $50-60 million per year on the Jays, with the late Ted Rogers admitting in his autobiography they lost over $300 million the first few years of ownership.
and TFC has not made a profit in it’s entire existence.

Meanwhile, the Argos have lost a mere pittance in comparison, reportedly made a decent profit in 2012, and also attract viewing numbers that dwarf the Jays, TFC, and Raptors on most occasions.

In contemporary business models, Rogers, and other similar media companies, may look to own pro sports teams to create unlimited access to content, while increasing co-promotion and co-marketing facets of the corporation within.

Ted Rogers was a large proponent of synergy.

Rogers, or any media corp. for that matter, would be well served to own an undervalued property such as the Argos.

The CFL is positioned very well: a salary cap, national TV contract, coverage in the U.S. on ESPN and NBC, new/upgraded stadiums and solid attendance. Cohon has done well and it can only get better from here.

Agreed. Was surprised at that one. Not a fan of back to back, in any way. I would presume ditto for the teams.

Als follow that up with back to back games with the Stamps! :roll:

i noticed this back-2-back games crap got out of hand once ottawa folded. i really hate back-2-backs ( banjo bowl is the only one i like ).
i hope the addition of the RedBlacks puts an end to this nonsense. it's just lazy schedule making, IMO.

who cares??? besides you

Back-to-back games may make sense in a big league, but they're awful in a small league. It makes us look bush, magnifies the absence of variety in terms of the matchups in an 18-game season. Thankfully, the advent of the Ottawa franchise should remove some of the B2Bs by allowing the schedule-makers more options when they structure each team's schedule.

it doesn't make us look bush. people need to stop calling every thing they dislike about the cfl 'bush'.
baseball routinely has the same matchup 3-4 games in a row. are they 'bush'?

i'd chaulk it up to bad scheduling. that is all.


I would be OK with the CFL going back to a 16 game schedule have a proper pre season Schedule. 18 games has a tendency to make things a tad stale. With 16 games, every game is huge and teams can't shrug off a few losses in a row . But the teams need the extra revenue from the 2 extra regular season games !

they've done pretty well with 18 games since they started.. no sense in going backwards.