Oxford Blue and Cambridge Blue - which one is which?

Being the die hard Argo fan that I am, I have lately become confused as to which Blue is which.

According to the 2008 Grey Cup Website,


the Cambridge Blue is darker, and the Oxford is lighter.

But I found this website:


and if you look at the blazer on the right hand side, the Oxford is darker, which I thought was always the case.

If this is correct, the Grey Cup website should be corrected immediately, before the Thurs, Mar 1 ticket sale starts.

The colours of Toronto are one of its biggest selling points. Descended from two world reknown scholastic institutions. That's to be celebrated, not accidentally put up on a website backwards.

Good catch, the "blues" are definately backwards.

You have a good eye. Oxford is the dark blue while Cambridge is a light blue with a hint of green. The current Argos still sport the dark blue but the Cambridge is more of a baby blue colour now, which in my opinion looks better anyway.

Not that big of a deal to me, but I'm sure the two rival Universities would flip if someone messed up their colours in England.