yo forum,i got another one for ya...do you think ownership is the problem the reason why some teams are having problems,do you think lack of money,no patients,or just dont know what they're doing as an owner of a team...tell me what you think...

Thats a tough one 2273, been debated many times before, Community ownership vs private. Patients in some regard is right...not knowing what they are doing is possible, it's tough when the CfL sometimes lacks direction. Wright was our man, now he's not. Until we have all teams owners going in the right direction...the CFL, is what it is...But I love it...Go Bombers..

I believe private ownership works in some markets(Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver) while community ownership works in Edmonton, Winnipeg and Regina. Community ownership was never tried in Ottawa, and IMO, I believe that is the way they should try to go. We dont need more owners like the Gliebermans, and giving a franchise to a guy like D'Angelis or somone else without thoroughly checking them out first is a big mistake. Do the homework on these guys, find out what they are like a business owners, have they had companies that have gone bankrupt, how do they handle adversity, what kind of employer are they-- how they treat thier current employees, etc. People have said they had no choice but let the Gliebs take over the Renegades, but I disagree. If the league had paid the bills for a month or two, I feel they could have found good owners for the football team.

I have to agree with you Sambo. Teams that are community owned have done well because the fans have a say in the operation of the team be it a small part. The fans also feel it’s their team not that of an owner who does not really care about football i.e. Gliebs. We are just digging our out of a sizeable debt and did it without the help of the league. Sure would be worth a try in Ottawa

the argos are really suffering from too much patients, thats for sure. Dont think it includes the ownership though? However, they will be a much better team as soon as some of their patients recover.

I think the ownership in the CFL is the strongest and most stable that the league has had in a very long time. That is probably why it is taking a while to get new owners for Ottawa, they don't want another "Gliberman" mistake.