Ownership should be worried

The ownership should be very worried that apathy is creeping back into the Tiger-Cat fans. All the empty seats this season is very worrisome. The amount especially today was quite surprising being a playoff game. The love affair with Austin might be over and everyone who wants to see the stadium has probably already seen it.

there is nothing worse than apathy for a sports team.

The game was sold out....

Don't confuse things with actual FACTS, Crash... lol

Dumping tickets

s at the last minute doesn't amount to a true sellout

I think you miss the point. I’m talking about the seats that are sold but nobody bothers to show up for them. I do know that it was sold out but ownership should be worried about next year. Season ticket renewals and single seat sales. This was a playoff game a with few thousand seats left empty. This has been happening again and again this season. On a day like today to have that many empty seats is worrisome.

I guess some of you are forgetting the condition this team was once in. I don’t!

worried ? about what ? i dont get it

I think the problem is price point and treatment of season ticket holders

That is a definite problem

The no-show rate should be a concern because no-shows is step one of a two step process - where step two - is not buying tickets.

You sellout a 24,000 seat stadium - when many of those tickets sold as much as ten months in advance through season ticket sales or Black Friday sales - and you actually have 23,500 or more people show-up - you are laughing.

But you sell all those tickets - many several months in advance and several thousand of them start going unused every game - that's your parakeet in the coal mine early warning sign. Your ticket sales are about to drop.

Cannot argue with this post well said..

Caretaker is an asute and sucessful businessman, He knows full well what is going on and he will never stop trying to make this franchise the best it can be. He doesn't make any money off of this, whatever profit that this team made is put back into the Team or the Stadium.
I am sure that Caretaker worries constantly, but, This team could not be in better hands.

I bought a season seat in Jan 500 my wife bought next to me in June 350 .no advantage in buying early. No respect for loyal fans

The treatment of STHs (STH benefits or better being offered to general public) is definitely starting to become an issue. Officiating is another issue, as well as game length and flow.

Yep....after 25 plus years of season tickets I am done.....attending games is not the same anymore.....the excitement is gone, rising costs and the fact that I can attend every game at a cheaper price (through a variety of game day deals), sit in a better seat and get a freebie (hat, popcorn) with it gives me no incentive to buy season tix

I will wait and make last minute decisions based on weather, game status and ability to go or watch from home. Being felt as non valued season tix holder for last bunch of years has done it.....

19k in BC today. I can think of a couple teams that should be more worried than BobYoung.

True - but some BC fans could have told you last the last couple of seasons that their team was heading that way as no-shows became an issue there. Much like the situation with the Argos when 4 years ago they were always announcing crowds in the 20,000 - 22,000 range - but only about 15,000 people were actually showing up to those games.

And a couple of years later 15,000 became the announced attendance.

15000 of that at $100 a seat, braley is still happy

... people in Vancouver don't want to pay $48 for endzone

As a first year (well... first year in a long time) season ticket holder, I was actually pretty happy with how I was treated by the team.

I think the only reason we saw "sell outs" instead of SELLOUTS (y'all get the gist of what that means...) is the fact half the starters and backups were sidelined for most of the year. Lack of hope for THIS season is what killed the numbers of actual butts in seats this year.

We were competitive in almost every game with 6th stringers. With plenty of star players expected to return from the IR and lots of potential in the FA market the ticats should be a contender again in 2017, which should be enough to fill up the donut box again...

I thought there was a little more of the old Ivor Wynne spirit yesterday? Maybe the office is trying to respond?

A few more of the "contests" during the breaks, a little less screechy girl-power tunes, and a bit less rap. Probably my age, but the cheerleaders don't seem to fire anyone up.

They were throwing hats into the crowd (maybe need some arms there?). Things to distract us during the ever-lasting commercial breaks. By the way, I'd like to see the hot-dog or T-shirt cannon again!

But I agree. Too many no shows over the past home stretch, on what has been beautiful fall weather for football. We seem to be missing both a fun product on the field, and a fun atmosphere in the stands. Neither steak nor sizzle to sell? Hate to go back to the half-empty days of IWS, spirit or not.

totally agree. 2015 had bigger crowds that were much louder. sitting on the west side yesterday for the game the east side looked at best 75%full.