Owners we'd like to send on the next Space Shuttle.....

Step right up...Get your one way Space Shuttle Tickets.... Send your owner on a one way trip, never to return........

In light of the Obvious Ottawa situation, the league has been cursed with some questionable Owners throughout its history. So some of the oldtimers help me out here..........Who do we send on a one way ticket on the shuttle?

BC : Murray Pezzim (if he was alive)
Calgary: F-Troop (Special Group Tickets)
Montreal: Nelson Skalbania
Ottawa: Gliebermans (Familly fare special)
Ottawa: Horn Chen

More seats available.....Ticket offer is limited!

If there's enough room for former NHL team owners I'd like to get a ticket for Peter Pocklinton (aka Peter Puck, former owner of the Edmonton Oilers who sold Gretzky) :evil:

Hmmm, let me check...... 1st Class is full, Economy has some room,

I'll put Peter Puck on Stand-by.

If you can tie him to a wing it would bo cool with me :smiley:

yea Pocklington, but I'm sure it was really Janet who pulled the strings on that one, I don't think she wanted to leave LA.

Put Barry Skatoa (or whatever his name is), fomer and last owner of the Winnipeg Jets, on that list.

Hamilton: Harold Ballard (for locking up the equipment); David MacDonald (for the 2003 insolvency)

Toronto: Sherwood Schwarz (not the Brady Bunch guy; for the 2003 insolvency)

How about people on this site.Can we put them on the space shuttle?
Billy you and I can spend a few months up there.LOL