Owners upset

Confused why Flame fans are written, blogging, posting about proposed new stadium, yet Stamp fans, nothing, no talk, no concern, no nothing. Look at this board, nothing.

I think the presentation on the football stadium was very under- whelming at this early juncture- not a complaint but the general drawing and info really did not give the Stamp fans much to talk about positive or negative
I am sure once the plans start to come everyone will be in awe of the football stadium and field house
I don't think Calgary will take second seat to Edmonton and their beautiful facility just 3 hrs north

Most of us post in the main board and most of the discussion about the new stadium is going on there.

The Stampeder's board is used less.

I have noticed that our fan base prefers to let our team talk on the field rather than us type it out in the forum.

Also if you look at the recent "history" of our team, what do we have to whine about (beyond the stadium, which I don't really mind).

If you look at the more active boards, those teams have more to discuss; QB controversies, Coaches that need firing, no Offense or Defense, coach that is a pompous @$$ and won't adhere to general conventions like a simple hand shake after the game, etc.

Other than "Damn Coach Huff is great" what can we say? We have so many players hurt (we have just about an entire offense on the IR right now) but we keep winning, because we are just that well prepared and our players understand the importance of "teamwork".

What more would you like us to say?