Owners fail to approve CFL cap

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Now everyone can point fingers at who they think voted against the cap

Maybe they need to tweak a few things as hopefully the summer meeting and the revised version will allow.

It's time that people stopped pussy-footing around about David Braley .... especially at the "homer site" .... which he reads!!!

Same here at ticats.ca ... where Bob Young also posts!

Fans, corporate sponsors .... got the media "on side" last summer when there was pressure on Tom Wright .... we "busted Braley and his fellow Bozos" then .... we can do it again!!

The key is to 'rattle the CFL sponsors' .... they will be on the 'blower' to the BOG the fastest!!!

Well, with the merger of ticats.ca with cfl.ca, it looks like the specific TiCat.ca threads inc. Owner Bob's response on subject have disappeared

Mr. Young will be back .... or you can visit Reider's "CFL Zone"



Good thing you made that before Ticats.ca relaunched

Yep .... I posted it on ourbombers too, Steve



According to this morning's Globe Montreal, B.C. and Edmonton voted against the cap...but Ticats fans will still believe the Argos are over the cap. :lol:

Chatting with Ted Hellard on gostampsgo.com this is what he had to say:

Dont panic yet guys as u know i am very close to this subject ....although cetainly frustrating that the newest document was not passed in its final form, this does not mean the end of the cap...the phoenix document was revised to meet the needs of the players association and integration with our constitution, with Ottawa no longer in the league 6 of 8 teams were required to pass the latest version, some concern over some constitutional changes were expressed by a club and the document in its present form was not passed...As we speak portions at issue are being re-written to attempt to address these concerns...however the majority of the sms operational issues have already been integrated into the new year, the disputed areas do not involve operational issues, so lets see what happens after the rewrite is completed..Ted

Ted is President of the Stampeders, one of the owners and is the main player in creating the cap.

Well, thank God for that. I hoped that was all that there was involved.

Thanks for the Hellard stuff 'redwhite'

Too bad for Braley!! LOL!

...THE CAP SHOULD STAY....or there is going to be a lot of disappointment after all the work that was done to get it in place.....i say re-work it...and re-submit it...i wonder what is going through Tom Wrights mind right now.. :shock: :roll:

Ted wants a level playing ground for all teams in the CFL. This makes the product much more exciting. He has been big in these talks. One great guy and we are lucky to have him as one of the owners of our team. If you get an opportunity go chat with him at gostampsgo.com

......quick story on Mr. Hellard, for those who dont' know how refreshing it is to have new Owners here....last year on the day I stopped by to pick up my seasons tickets the front office was just humming, a dozen or so people working behind the counter and twice that many on the customer side...Ted comes in through the front door carrying a stack of pizza's, calls out to his staff 'lunch has arrived, sorry it took a little while guys'.......his staff didn't grumble or roll an eyeball, everyone was upbeat and content, even with a crazy day going on around them....the point is it is refreshing to have an Owner that cares, is approachable and has the best interest in mind for his team and the league as a whole running this organization again......Ted will work hard for the CFL and we will all benefit from his efforts.....

Ted also made arrangments for a Stamp fan living in Winnipeg to join him and the Stamps on the field. The fellow was telling him how much he enjoyed the changes that Stamps have made and well Ted did this for this fan.
I agree he not only loves the Stamps but he has a great love for the CFL and it's fans. A very classy man.



Hopefully Ted will make the necessary changes needed to get at least one more board member to say yes. I firmly believe a salary cap system is needed in all professional sports to put every team at the same level and give fans hope that their team can win the championship, if not this year, shortly down the road. With that hope and that parity fans from every team will be interested in the CFL because they won’t be subjected to losing season after losing season because they can’t afford to spend like other teams (this is more of a flaw in MLB, currently, then it is in the CFL).