Owner of Choice

Some folkes Actually are able to put down the Caretaker, so here is a nother poll for all you rednecks

you could have put every owner past and present in all of North America pro leagues, and BY would still be top 3-5, if not number one. Old man Griffith of the Canucks might be close. Couple of NFL owners might be close.

myself, if i had the money to buy a team.
PS isn't the caretaker the guy who cleans the school? LOL

I can't understand why anyone would even question Bob's ownership.

The problems are on the field and not in the way the team is run.

The coaches and management will have to work through this and develop our young players into a strong team.

You should be running your poll on which GM would be the best.

Al Davis jk

I love what Bob Young has done to the Organization, turned it into a fun place to be. He has the marketing down, the enviroment down now he only has one more thing to do..and thats put a product on the field.

if I couldn't have Mr.Young, I'd go with David Brailey to run the show at Ivor Wynne once again. Great guy

I'll Take Ballard...

He Paid the Bills and If he did't like things
He Spoke up and showed his Anger..
Like an owner Should
You knew Ballard was owner of this Team.
I Remember on one then more occasion
He called our players a Butch of over Paid Bums.

Bob would be my #2 Pick..
He would be number one 1
If He Stopped The Caretaker Stuff
Spoke up and Let know us he is mad about things.
like Ballard did.

Paying the Bills is Great
The Caretaker Stuff has lost it's Luster..
Bob your an owner a Caretaker is a Janitor

I voted for Harold Ballard as a lark,as is the poll.

Bob is my percieved choice and perception is reality....Chris Shultz TSN...ha ha

I didn't even have to give this pole any thought. My decision was extremely easy in picking our Caretaker as the best team owner we've ever had.
This man has been putting everything on the line for a team that was a shambles when he inherited it, and, of course, remains a shambles.

However, as bad as things may seem, I feel that the nucleus for a good football team is in there somewhere and I remain convinced, it will happen!

My choice is Ballard. We NEVER had to put up with an on field product that was this atrocious while he was owner.

Harold's Gestopo would have told Goss and Holmes to take a flying leap when they requested leave.

Bob Young's new wave tear jerkers never did, because they know the players would have, and gladly.

Now that the game day fluff is in order,
Bob Young needs to hire the toughest SOB this meat market league has ever seen, to represent and mentor him, and create a winning team. (At least a 10-8 team)

I reserve my right to withold my vote for 2 more years.

Bob should get mad like Ballard tell everybody were to go and shut this site down.

(laughinghard) Bob Young needs to hire the toughest SOB this meat market league has ever seen, to represent and mentor him, and create a winning team. (At least a 10-Cool
Argoconvert: Are you available for this ?