Owens Released by Bucs

According to the nfl.com website, wide receiver Chad Owens was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers today.

On Aug 22/07, in4td wrote:

Just a thought. I was watching NFL network and they were replaying a game between Tampa Bay and Jacksonville. Tampa Bay had a punt returner by the name of CHAD OWENS. Why does this matter? When Chang was traded here Owens was the WR that was catching all the TD's in the video clips fans had posted on the forum
Given that Owens was Timmy Chang's go to receiver at the University of Hawaii, he is worth a look by the Ticats.

Wonder if he's on our neg list?

They wouldn't want him considering he'd be a distraction to this team as Maas is most likely still going to be the starter for another 4 weeks or so. This guy is going to come here and want his boy Chang to play and I also think Ford was shown the door for that exact reason.

Intriguing news.

If they can the Cats should sign Owens immediately, and also let Anthony Arcenaux, a close friend of Chang's who played bal with him in high school, onto the active roster when Chang starts soon. (bye bye invisible man McCants).

These two receivers would have some immediate chemistry with Chang. Something that Maas seems to lack with most of the existng receivers.

I thought our # 1 draft pick had some chemsitry with Maas until he dropped a pass that would of led to a sure WIN !!!! Maybe Maas should be blamed for putting the wrong spin on the ball or something ??

I know most people will put some sort of spin on the ball to make it his fault !!!!

Give it up lol.

And we should also bring Ford back and sign Mark B, that would then give us the fastest group of recievers in the league.

Drexl tell me i`m wrong !!!

You're not wrong, but weren't you here after that drop? There was a mob on here ready to find out where he lives and burn it to ground then hog tie the poor guy and drag him out of town. lol.

I was in Cape Breton Island and I was wishing i could of got on here and defend the guy cause I think he is going to be an excellent player . But the fact remains that Maas had that game won for us on a LONG BALL none the less and it was taken away from him . The next week he`s a bum again because we lost . The man cant win in Hamilton .

also the redskins released Todd Pinkston

Jamal Richardson released by the Dallas Cowboys....

Played with Saskatchewan from 03-06

ya sure marcel why not...he will just make it an even 20 recievers that have started a game so far this season (exagerating) but still...what we need are some O-linemen...NOT another WR I don't care what chemistry they had in College...this is PRO-ball now

[url]pinkston scared - YouTube

They should consider picking up Owens. When he and Chang hooked up in college it was highlight film all the way. Also, he is a fearless and explosive return man that should add excitement to the game. I don't get to see much games here in Cali. but I watched the two of them throughout their college careers.

lol k nevermind dont pick him up

the O-line is the foundation of every team and this one is crumbling.

and get that guy he was catching the ball with when he was 16..or maybe we can move the island of Hawaii into lake Ontario so Chang could feel at home.. :roll:
I know,,it won't fit!..

I always thought the early release of Ford was a little strange, I thought he had similar skills to Tony Miles, elusive, good hands and a good route runner. I was a little perplexed when they released him. Now your statement as to why he was released while interesting is pur conjecture. If you could somehow prove that was true, I would be really dissappointed in Marcel and Charlie. Until then this is just interesting conspiracy theory banter.

Well he wasn’t released based on what he did on the field so I figure that he either 1, asked to be released or 2, made a scene in the locker room after the game stating that Chang should be the starter. Maybe it had nothing to with any of that, who knows.