Owens re-signs with Argos !!




glad to know ill see him in the CFL next year.
sadly, it will be with the hopeless argos.

Could be worse... Coulda been the bombers!

Those 'hopeless' Argos made it to the division final a year after going 3-15.

really happy about this.

He wants to retire an argo.
Could anchor their special teams for a long time

now the argos just need to reel in a good quarterback or hope clemon does a complete 360 and lands up a good qb

I'm excited as well to watch Chad Owens play in the 2001 season and beyond. Great signing by Toronto.

This is really good news. For the health of the CFL, it is vital that Toronto have a good team and the signing of Chad Owens is a move in that direction. I believe all CFL fans have to like this signing as CO brought a lot of excitement to the Argos games last year. Now, lets hope that the Argos can somehow get more QB strength.

Whoa, Chad bought a time machine?! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

A great signing for the team and the fans.
Now we need to get a decent QB and together with Boyd could be on our way.

Don’t you think the receiving corps also needs a shot in the arm? I understand that QB is the main concern, and rightly so, but even if you upgrade on Lemon, the new QB needs someone to throw to besides an aging Copeland.

Whoops time warp :oops: and thanks for pointing out my mistake DP. Looking forward to see Qwens perform in 2011.

Very interesting, I'm sure the potential lockout had something to do with it. Great for the Boatmen no question.

Let's also hope the Argos win the cup every year, for the health of the CFL. :roll: I disagree with this widespread perception the league needs a strong Argo team to survive. Even in the years the Argos were winning cups they had trouble filling the Skydump. Maybe all the other teams which depend on the Argos so much for their existence , should throw a player or two to Toronto every year, just to make sure they have a good team. Pathetic !

With next season in jepardy, I am sure that was a consideration. I also think, that we see a lot of CFLers go to try their luck down south - and yeah, league minimum is pretty good, but you see so many of them cut before the season starts (or half-way through) so they dont see much of that money. Then they come back to Canada and have missed out on their earnings here....such as they are. Stevie Baggs springs to mind.....

Still, great signng by Barker, great news for the Argos.

You are correct.
But, give me a decent QB and a so so receiving corp and we will have a winner.
Right now, we have a horrible QB who cannot get the ball to the below average receivers.

now, he’s an American and he decided to STAY in the CFL, and reject more money.


:thup: You get it better than do most Argos fans I have observed on here -- great point Discipline.

Lemon’s a system QB and nothing more at best when his head is really in the game.

Lemon will not ever be a top league passer if that’s what fans are looking for as usual. :roll:

However other than for Lemon to keep his head in the game consistently, for Barker to have a successful offensive system they need seriously an above-average supporting cast as they do not have otherwise on offence other than Boyd right now.

Wise choice on his part.
Owens is a pretty sharp guy, excited to see him again this year. He's the most exciting player in the league and worth the price of admission himself. With Cory Boyd (making his off-season home in Toronto no less) and Chad Owens, the argos have a very good shot at re-building their fan base.

great news for Toronto.
No need to slag Fantuz tho.
good luck to both

Having a team in Toronto is good for the league, no question, for obvious reasons. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a great team or that since the Argos are not a great drawing card since people in the rest of Canada know Toronto as a whole don’t seem to really care about their own team that much (no disrespect to the great Argo fans). The Argos simply are not an elite CFL organization, or haven’t appeared to be, even though they have the capability to be as such.