Owens cut by the Cowboys

I can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. I heard last night on The Score that Owens was cut. I was shocked... honestly shocked. I mean, I knew they had the whole drama between him and Romo and Witten... but still, I didn't expect them to cut him. Wow.

Yeah I am suprised. He still has amazing skill. And at 35 he has the body of someone 4 or 5 years younger they say.

Owens is a head case, which is why I thought he would fit the Dallas Cowboy's mold. Oh well, I guess Dallas isn't big enough for two big egos....Jerry Jones and Owens!

It's a month before the draft why the heck wouldn't they have atleast traded him for a draft pick? doesnt matter what round that way you get something for him and your not stuck with the salary cap hit......doesnt make sense. But alot of what Jerry Jones does doesnt make sense.

Kind of makes one wonder if he even tried... I mean, as big of a head case as T.O. is, there have to be teams that are interested. Are you telling me the 0-16 Lions wouldn't be? :lol:

:D :thup:

I don't think T.O. would even consider going to the Lions... he would want to be on a winner, which means that a team like the Pats or Colts could get him, or maybe the Cardinals.

You're probably right... but if my Colts make a play for him, they better only sign him for a year. Any longer and he'd probably tear the locker room apart. :lol:

One year deal with this guy, that's it, do it or you're gone, too much of a distraction potentially in the long run to any team despite his great talent.

According to NFL Network, he's got a one year contract with the Bills.

I give him 6 weeks.

Good luck Bills, I'm sure the first snowflake that falls he'll start complaining it's Trent Edwards' fault for not changing the weather, and I'm not joking. :lol:

The Bills might put up with him long enough so he can put fannies in the seats in Toronto and Buffalo. It will be circus for them all year-- I wonder if he is worth the price.

Well, they did only sign him for a season. They probably anticipated all of these problems. :lol:

a fully guaranteed $6,500,000

I didn't think the NFL gave out guaranteed contracts? :?

According to profootballtalk.com it is fully guaranteed.

So the circus is coming to Buffalo... I hope they are ready for it.. LOL

I'm waiting for T.O to call a T.O. in T.O.! :lol:

T.O. was at the raptors game. maybe he is hoping bills move to toronto