Owens and some???

Watch the replay of the Chad Owens play, I have several times and for a penalty filled game for both sides, Owen certainly looks to have jumped the count by Ray and was a yard or two off-side on his run and catch for a TD, I think it was planned that way, if he gets away with it, great he's gone, if not oh well.

The Cats played a strong three and half quarters of football but once again broke down at the end, this team and for many years now has had the trouble of scoring and keeping on scoring, taking a lead and keep adding to it, rather they enjoy taking a lead and just sitting on it, stupid football, it will alway bite you in the end as it did last night.

We haven't really learned from previous close games this year, I hope the Cats learn something from this one and correct the problems they have and hopefully next game when these two teams meet on Oct 25th the outcome will be much different.`




Looks well timed to me, to be honest


Dang. Yah hes on side :cry:

For all their mistakes (and we all make mistakes), it really is amazing how often the refs are right when we think otherwise.

All 9 of us watching the game were pretty sure Owens was offside....Not. :o

Much as I hate to admit it , great play by Owens timing it so perfectly..

Technically, he's a slotback, and therefore required to be behind the line of scrimmage at the snap. But, I think they relaxed that rule a while ago for the waggle. I wish they'd relax a few more rules.

Correct. If you're stationary, you can't be on the line and covered up by another receiver outside you, or you become an ineligible receiver. If you're in motion, you can be even with the L.O.S. at the snap. "The Elgaard Rule"