Overzealous Event Staff in Box H

I was one of the guys that got kicked out. Let me say, we're all about supporting the team by letting the other team know they are in hostile territory.

We're not about being rude or abusive to any fans around us. Even fans of the other team. We would NEVER call anyone a "F...ing Frog" or anything like that.

We may have gone a bit overboard in the 4th quarter. But we were never abusive to anyone around us, and we always make a point of not swearing because we know people around us don't appreciate it.

Like I told the guy that kicked us out, it's not a tennis match. It's a Football game.

Atta boy, BoxH...keep bringin' it!
Ya learn from the mistakes...tweak the delivery a bit, and then unleash it against the Riders!