Overzealous Event Staff in Box H

I’ve had season tickets in Box H for a number of years now. Part of the reason we sit there is that it is fun to watch some of the fans try to get under the skin of the opposing players (and even to try yourself occasionally). On Thursday night, two young men almost took this to an art form. They were yelling so loud, my throat was sore just listening to them. They were quite entertaining, more-so than anything that was on the field. They did not utter one profanity, which I appreciated since I had my 9 year old daughter with me. They did not direct their comments to any spectators, they did not attempt to intimidate anyone, they were passionate about their team, they were funny (even the Montreal players found them amusing), and they were LOUD.

The response by the event staff still leaves me scratching my head. They warned them early in the fourth quarter, and then kicked them out later in the fourth quarter. This was in spite of most of the remaining fans in Box H openly supporting them and asking the staff to leave them alone.

Ivor Wynne should be a tough place to play for the opposing team. Aren’t these the type of fans we want at the stadium?

Maybe the event staff thought they were at a Celine Dion concert and not a football game. They way the Ti-Cat’s played, I can see how they’d make that mistake…

I was wondering what happened there. I was sitting in section 5 and watched the police come and get them. They didn't seem violent at all, so I was curious as to what they had done. Thanks!


I was in the same row as those two guys but in box I, I thought they were hillarious however i think the reason they got kicked out was because of how drunk they were , they were blitzed but again not swearing and they were calling Sanchez a dirty Sanchez but he seemed to enjoy it, sometimes people need to lighten up but I bet you someone in the crowd complained.

Agreed. I was a few rows down from these guys and had no idea why the got removed. No profanity at all. Sure they may have been a bit drunk, but all they were doing was yelling. No one in the area had a problem with them from what I could tell.

Staff wasnt zealous enough....I was sitting in the first row in Section H. Half way thru the third quarter, 4 VERY drunk kids staggered into the seats next to us and basically screamed very vile and vulgar insults at any Al nearby...they told the young lady usher that they had "lost" their tickets...she chose to beleive them...

Finally with about 5 minutes to go they were kicked out by the police.

I paid 120.00 for two tickets,the little #2#@'s ruined my experience.

it seems that in the absence of good winning football,IWS has just become a place to get drunk and act like an jerk.

I was wearing my Als jersey and was call a F...ing frog several times. Some idiot questioned Ferri's orientation in VERy graphic terms...the funny thing is that I guarantee you that these little twits would never have the courage to do thjis on the street...have u seen how big Ferri is?...lol.

The Als players laughed it off and just pointed to the scoreboard. More class than some of the Box H yahoos.

Its not so bad when we are winning,

I sat in box J for the first time and was not impressed with the so-called fans I was surrounded by. A guy sitting behind my father stomped on his beer can that was half full and splashed beer on my dads back. I turned around and saw they were obviously intoxicated. They still went back for more beer many times and empty cans littered the seats. I dont care if people get drunk. I do care when they are obnoxious and negative. Lets be honest with the team, we will be getting beat early in the season by veteran teams. Thats football. I was frustrated with the play of my team but still ONLY YELLED POSITIVE THINGS AT THE CATS. They are my team, they are far from perfect, but they are my team. We are stuck with them for better or for worse. I work hard at my job and would hate it if people yelled at me if I messed up a bit. That would ruin my confidence, if someone tells you that you are horrible often enough you might start to believe them. I drove down from Sudbury to watch the game and even though we lost I still saw MANY good things that happened that give me hope for the future. We are supposed to be loyal, smart fans that make it tough for opponents to play in Hamilton, the heckling of our own team has to stop. We are supposed to be an advantage to the Cats.

Yup...all of this goes away when there's a half decent game on the field.

Security needs to relax, and drunks need to use their brains.

Me and my buddies have been pretty hammered during a game or two, but always are respectful of those around us.

Any one clearly drunk and loudly abusive, even if only to opposing players, should be kicking out, even if they are not swearing.

If you're just yelling at opposing players, I certainly hope they wouldn't be thrown out...that's what fans are for.

I think our own players would be pretty bummed if we just sat there politely.

Ivor Wynne is supposed to be a difficult place to play for opposing teams...because of the crowd factor. We've lost that recently because most games have been blowouts and mean little in the standings.

Once we're back in the race, there'll be some more passion from the seats...which is the way it should be.

I was sitting in Box I and had a good view of the events. My opinion has less to do with their decision to eject them but in how it was handled.

Firstly, once you make a decision to eject a fan, then DO IT! The security staff showed their inexperience and lack of professionalism by allowing other fans to be distracted for entirely way too long by trying to reason with two drunks and the fans who supported them. I really don't care that it was in the dying minutes of the game, I didn't drive 3 hours and pay $160 to have that whole fiasco drag on for nearly 10 minutes.

Secondly, I would have hated to see those 5 security people trying to handle a serious situation. 3 young boys and 2 pretty girls aren't going to get the job done. They had no idea what they are doing. It was easy to see their heart wasn't in the task.

I'm sure I'll be slammed for this, but in this instance, stadium security could learn a lesson or two from the Bills security.

As a final note, even considering this particular incident, my buddy and I really enjoyed our first game at Ivor Wynne. Final outcome notwithstanding.

If they are drunk and obnoxious kick them out.

If you're just yelling at opposing players, I certainly hope they wouldn't be thrown out...[b]that's what fans are for.[/b]
bull****. That is not what fans are for. Fans are for cheering and encouraging the home team. It is totally ignorant to just sit their insulting the other teamplayers. ONly small minded people choose to be so assinine. I teach my kids to have respect for people and the last thing I want is for them to be subjected to such ignorance while trying to enjoy a game. I dont want myself to be subjected to it either
I'm sure I'll be slammed for this, but in this instance, stadium security could learn a lesson or two from the Bills security.
8) I agree wholeheartedly with you !!!
 Go to a hockey game at the United Center in Chicago and try argueing with the security people there !!!  When they tell you you are being ejected for your bad behaviour, you can either walk out with them, or they will bodily cary you out !!!

 But that is the difference there.  They are Professional Security people, not young inexperienced people like at Ivor Wynne.

well......I teach MY kids to have respect for people and the last thing I want them to be subjected to is FOUL language on a fan website. In a post about respecting each other and ignorance I find your language rather hypocritical.

Okay, do you post in the Ticat forums just to stir the pot? Every post you seem to make goes against the general consensus of ticats.ca forum members.

Look, your a BC fan, we're Ticat fans. I find it kind of awkward that you come in here all the time looking to disagree with us. To use your terms, it's bull****.

you are right, I should have just said, thats crap.

Quit your whining. I’m not saying you go there and exclusively scream at the other team.

You know exactly what I mean. Being a fan at a football game means cheering the good plays, booing the bad calls and the other team.

It’s called ‘fun’.

I was in Box I and watched this thing play out......very slowly. (Those guys were annoying....it's one thing to be drunk but these guys were clowns)

  1. 3 section attendants turned into 4, then 5. They all kept looking at each other because they couldn't do anything except smile and be embarrassed.(They stood in the aisle and blocked numerous peoples views but couldn't deal with the situation.)
  2. One of the female section attendants spoke with a police officer who could have easily removed them but decided to "call for back up" and walked back up to the main walkway between the upper and lower sections to wait. (Seemed odd / funny seeing as he was about twice the size of either of the guys.
  3. Finally removed albeit 10+ minutes of distracting everyone. (what a joke this is at IWS.....the p[lace continues to get worse.)
    Here are some guidlines the so called security personal should be ready to do (AKA: plan of action)
  4. Identify the issue.
    2a) Give the individuals a verbal warning (depending on the senario) and advise them the next time they will be escorted out.
    2b) If the event is a physical or verbal confrontation they are gone....no warnings.
  5. If there is any push back from the individual they are removed as this is the 2nd event.......it's that simple.

It's one thing to holler at your team or the opposition but once you're a disruptive clown you stoop to a low life who doesn't need to be around the rest of us........to many fools, so little oxygen! :cowboy:

Good post...I think, on all accounts, common sense seems to be at a premium.

Obviously, I want this to be a loud and rowdy stadium...however, everyone should be under control enough to not be infringing on the experience of fellow fans.

...either that, or sit in the endzone!!