Overused Phrases I can do without

It would, in my opinion, be great if the talking heads would put a moratorium on the use of the following overused phrases, at least for a game or two would be nice. . .

"Go-to guy"

"break-out game"

"break-out season"

And. . . could someone suggest to Duane Forde that he doesn't have to start every comment with the same two words, "Yeah absolutely". . .

they do need to take a page out of the NFL book you know.

they can still raise the enthusiasm levels and the fun.. but stop with all the annoying repetitive stuff and lousy commentary.

Seriously? I don't watch a lot of nfl - and maybe I just got unlucky with the games/ parts of games that I do watch - but they often have a "theme" for the game and it gets pumped from kickoff to final gun lots of times ...

How about 'classic". Rod Black used it 3 times in ONE sentence in the first quarter. Seriously he couldn't find any other words to use? :roll:

well, the NFL guys have or seem to have a lot more knowledge and focus.

yes they tend to be very boring and there's a lack of drama but their focus is outstanding!

i dont want to hear "no doubt about it" from forde anymore.

Pretty much every player sideline interview fits into this. I swear there's a course in pro athlete players associations telling them how to say nothing.

Well, you know, we had a good team effort today, you know, our backs were to the wall, you know, so we had to give 110%, you know, and leave it all on the field, you know, and the coaches called a great game, you know, and I just feel so blessed, you know, hi mom

Did I miss anything?

:D :D :D

That SO reminded me of that scene from Bull Durham!
"You've got to learn your cliches. You've got to memorize them. They're your friends"

...thank gawd they quit that ''''see ya....wouldn't want to be ya'...I think Suitor wore that one out... :lol:

"I want to thank the good lord". Whether you believe or not, is there a bad lord and does he watch football?

At least CBC is out of the picture now..."Up the gut" was used for every single running play made. But I guess in all fairness, "Up the a$$" would not have been acepted by CRTC. I also enjoy Rod Black and , "WHOAA...DID YOU SEE THAT???" No Rod I did not see that as I was watching my television!

LMAO, i forgot about that one. He killed that one to death. Yup, he killed it so much ... it DIED!!! 8)

Well Miller repeats his half time side line interview with TSN "sayings" every 3 or 4 games. He is 69 after all, so perhaps can be forgiven.

I hated watching John Madden, when I did watch an NFL game. He had some of the poorest sayings Ive ever heard. Durimg one SuperBowl where a reciever dropped a very catchable ball, John said " he lost it in the shadow of his eye ". What???? Another classic was when they were showing the faces of a losing team(I believe after a SuperBowl loss) he said " if a face could talk". OMG!!

If you want to avoid overused phrases and cliches there is only one thing to do:

  • Turn off the sound when watching sports on TV

I think I was one of the very few who didn't mind John Madden.

The one I hear and hate the most is "isn't that f**King game over yet!" Oh wait .... are we talking about the color guys or our wives????

I didn't mind Madden either. He was kind of the Howie Meeker of football :lol:

Hey...some wives look forward to watching the games more than the husbands do... :wink:

Overused phrase I can do without? Swaggerville.

You'd think Winnipeg was the first team in the history of the league to have a good defense, judging by the overuse of 'Swaggerville' by the media.