OverTime Styles/What player(s) do you know personally?

What kinds of OT formats has the CFL tried since it started doing OTs. I know that the league only started doing OT “Shootout” Format a few years ago, what were the formats they did before that? I love the way they do it now (except that they should start a drive on the opponents 50 yard line), but I’m just curious.

Don’t bother giving the ones the NFL has tried, The NFL needs to take a good hard look at it’s current OT format and change it because their “Sudden Death” OT REALLY SUCKS!!!

and does anyone here know any players personally??? and if so, who???

At first, the overtime format was a mime constest between the two teams, but they put an end to it after some coach complained that the Als were spying on their signals.

As for your other question, I believe Anthony Calvillo knows Ben Cahoon, but I am not sure about the others. Unless they stop refering to one another by "Hey, you" or "That guy over there", we can't really say they know each other.

Nah, I was talking about if a poster on this forum knew any CFL player personally. I gotta work on saying what I want.

So the OT format used to be just another quater but 15 minutes long, right?

can somebody point me to a CFL site that can tell me the CFL history and maybe the rules and OT formats they have used?

Nice Kanga! another double post......

I'd love to see the NFL, CFL, or NCAA (or all three) adopt one of these ideas for overtime:

First to four points.
The standard coin-flip, kick-off procedure used in the NFL is used, but instead of sudden-death, it is now first to four points wins. This means that a field goal WILL NOT clinch a win, but anything more than it (two safeties, two field goals, or a TD) will do so.

Sudden Death, 5th quarter style
This would change the dynamic of the game drastically, but would concievably yield better results. If two teams are tied at the end of regulation, the teams switch sides and take a 2 minute break (like 1st or 3rd quarter breaks). THEN THEY CONTINUE WHERE THEY LEFT OFF. First team to score from there wins. It means that you have to play a more balanced 4th quarter game if you're close, instead of the current run-out-the-clock situation we have now.

CFL adapted 5th quarter style
With the prevalence of the rouge in the Canadian game, I would suggest the following adaptations to the latter format above:

  • You must win by two points to win a game, in any situation.
    This at least creates a buffer zone, something I was looking for so that you could be close, not quite there, but still have the right to play for the win (instead of muddling up the standings with extra statistics).

Anyways Kanga, I hope you like these better than the baseball/shootout-style farces that plague the CFL and College ball, and more meaningful than the crapshoot NFL overtimes. They make overtime a lot faster and more based on the actual game's progress instead of an arbitrary coin flip or an exchange of drives (puke).

They say that 6OT games in college football are "legendary" or "epic" and "fantastic." I say they're stupid and make the worst level of the worst version of gridiron pathetically unwatchable - as if college football wasn't already unwatchable. More reason to bring back the draw.