Overtime changes......submissions to CFL by Feb. 15

Has anyone submitted ideas for changes yet to the CFL ?

Here's where they are asking for our input before Feb 15:


Here's what I submitted just now: :slight_smile:

[b][i]My suggestion for overtime is as follows:

Keep everything the same except increase the playing time to 10 minute increments instead of 5.

Teams start on their own 35 yard line.

Thank You[/i][/b]

How much CFL football do you actually watch? There is no "playing time" in the current overtime format. :roll:

2 five minute periods, just like the old days, is the way to go.

i hate the new format.


Obviously, I was remembering the 5 minute "periods" from before this new format came into effect. I watch a lot of CFL football actually. Not too many over-time games get played to have the procedure burned into my consciousness however.
At any rate, I got my point across that I'd like to see 10 minute periods, quarters, halfs or however you want to coin them. Teams start out from the their 35 at the beginning or after the opposing team scores.........no kick-offs

Or, maybe, why not just play another entire quarter? ........normal playing rules intact.

Thanks for pointing this out.

My OT submission:

Sudden Death Overtime. First team that scores, wins! But, each team is guaranteed at least 1 scrimmage possession. OT rules the same as regulation, coin toss and kick off. If team A scores on first drive, they kick off to allow team B one possession.

I am not a big fan of the current system.

I remember leaving sky dome this year after that OT game against the Argos.

It was a decent game to watch in the stands, even in Toronto, all the way up until OT.

Then it became anti climatic somehow.

It became a field goal kicking contest.

The atmosphere in the crowd seemed to change.

I think the CFL is just fine as it is! As for watching the game in Toronto, I thought it SUCKED!! Way to far away from the players and field as they close the first 20 or so rows off! CFL is the best football leque in the world!
Oskee Wee Wee, Oskee Wha Wha, Holly Macinaw, Tigers eatem Raw!

Two 5 minute halves for OT. The new format is horrible. Whoever decided on the change should be drummed out of the CFL

Now THAT I can totally agree with. :lol:

I vote for the two 5-minutes halves as well. If they're concerned about game length, you know it can never go longer than 10 minutes of play, unless of course it is the playoffs, but shootouts can go on forever in the playoffs as well.

One wrinkle I would consider is that in the two 5-minute half format, if one team does score, the other team must match it on their next possession. I know the league is concerned about time and adding that sudden-death-like wrinkle may help keep the OT games shorter, but the time is there to play a decent OT if the teams have to go the distance.

Oh yeah, the current format S*@#s!

How about doing away with overtime during the regular season. Only have it in the playoffs and make it one 15 minute quarter. If tied after that then go to the current system presently used.

Why do they want to change it. Seems like they got a pretty fair and corolled system in place right now. Getting rid of OT in the regular season would diminish some of the excitement of those last minute comebacks (knowing they're just playing for a tie).
The only change that wouldnt bother me is they go to a system like the NCAA, and just keep playing until they get a winner.

You do know its the same concept as the NCAA and thats what we hate. We had a better system that was fair and dumped it for a monstrosity that the NCAA cooked up

I like many have aslo stated, agree with going back to the 10 minute over-time with two five minute halfs. I have submitted this to the CFL and ask that those who agree to also voice your support.

The NFL system is just wrong and the current NCAA and CFL system just does not support the integrety of the game. Reminds me of the shoot-out in the NHL…which is also a gimic and just plain stupid.

And in closing…Christmas comes early with Ho…Ho…Ho…Hobart. (That’s for you Hendy!)


Acton Tiger-Cat.

PS…Has Every one got their season Tickets for next year?


If it is tied after the 2 five minute halfs (10 minute total) then the game ends in a tie!

Why not just do away with it period. The league managed quite well for years without it during regular season. For the number of times it happens why not just leave the game a tie. Actually, more often than not, that rare tie gameand the single point that was earned, made a difference in a team making the playoffs, especially if gained out of conference. The two 5 minute halve were only used originially for over-time in playoff games, but if we must have a system I would sooner go back to that.


One reason for me why I don’t like to see a game being able to be tied is that this encourages the away team to play conservative near the end of the game and play for the tie, the tie then becomes what they desire in some games. I don’t like that.

I'd like to point out that the request for suggestions was for all CFL rules, not just overtime.

The suggestion I made was that there be a new penalty for a player lining up at scrimmage with at least one of 4 chin strap snaps undone. Over the last few years I've noticed quite an increase in the number of helmets coming off during play. It is only a matter of time before a tragedy occurs because of this. My rule change will hopefully reduce these occurrences.

All these great football minds on Ticats.ca must have some ideas for rule changes to improve the game. (Just don't suggest doing away with the rouge. lol) Please feel free to suggest away.

Last year I was one, probably of many, who suggested that teams be forced to kick off at the 25 yard line after giving up a Safety Touch. Being able to kick off at their 35 was not a big enough penalty and it was encouraging too many Safety Touches.

Choose one:

  1. Do away with overtime in regular season. Nothing wrong with a well-earned tie.
  2. Continue with current system but start at the 50 yard line. You should have to gain some yards before kicking a field goal.
  3. 15 minute sudden death but no single points, only touchdowns, field goals or rouges.

Also, if they continue with overtime, do like the NHL and give a point to the losing team.