Overrated/underrated teams

Early in the season, this topic was discussed before. Now after sufficent time, a clearer picture has emerged about which teams were actually overrated or underrated. Below is a comparision of changes in winning percentages from end of 2004 season to the present.

Calgary +127%. Ottawa +51%. BC +38%. Edmonton +16%. Toronto +14%. Saskatchewan 0%. Winnipeg -21%. Montreal -41%. Hamilton -68%.

Everyone was right about Calgary and Ottawa being the most underrated. Surprisingly, BC continued to improve despite finishing first in west. Although Edmonton upgraded personnel, maybe improvements not as big as expected.

Toronto deserved its high ranking although some fans mistakingly thought Toronto was overrated. Without much change, Saskatchewan is no better or no worse than before. As expected, Winnipeg and Montreal declined. Fans may have been fooled by Hamilton overachieving in 2004 but now had fallen down to Earth.

Well, first of all, improving and regressing records have nothing to do with being overrated or underrated. These words are used to describe wrong assessments of teams. So unless everybody predicted each team would end up in 2005 with the exact same record as last year, you can't say a team is underrated for improving on its old record, nor the opposite.

When the Als lost all their DBs last winter, I clearly remember everyone being worried (or happy, depending who you cheer for). People said the team would still be above-average, but not as powerfull as before. So obviously, no one expected the Als to win 14 games this year again. Even I, an Als fan, personnally predicted they'd finish second behind the Argos. Comparing them to their previous 14-4 record makes no sense when it comes to overrating or underrating.

To the opposite, quite everyone agreed that Calgary would field a much better team this year. So it surprises no one to see they already have more victories than last year. Most of us expected them to give a good fight for 3rd place. And that's exactly where they are. So your +127% really means nothing, as the team is neither under nor overrated.

And, really, percentages always give a dramatic portrait to small numbers. One more win, when you had only four last year, means a greater percentage than one more win when you had nine.

This thread is not shooting in the right direction.

I agree third and ten!

Toronto , was under rated by many.

Toronto is overrated now. They are definitely for real in the East... but they're lucky they have the East to play in.. they would be fighting for life in the West. They were lucky to eke out wins against Calgary and Edmonton earlier in the season, but they won't be so lucky the second time around. Also, I don't think they have what it takes to take one from the Roughies this week. Of course, Saskatchewan does like to find a way to lose when things get really important. :slight_smile:

The question with the riders is very simple. Can Crandell continue with his play. If he stays the course I think they will compete with Toronto but win I do not think so. For the Rider fans sake I hope he does.

I have read this many times before....... after last years in the CFL play offs , after the 2004 GREY CUP , and at the beginning of 2005 , season.......... :lol:

We sure are lucky :shock: ........... :lol: NO , we are the second best team in the CFL , at this point...and are still the defending , GREY CUP CHAMPS. :wink: :smiley:

Argos are a good team. Play just well enough in the regular season to finish first or second, and turn it up in the playoffs. I look forward to a Grey Cup rematch against them this season at BC Place.

we have to get there first........remember the 1989.....ESKS!

I know hellothere, I’m just having fun. Hard not to have fun when you’re 11-0. I’m not saying the Lions are a guarentee to get to the Grey Cup, but I am confident in our chances at hosting the Western Division Final and winning that game, no matter who we play.

I would be confident , as well.........and I don't like , the argos , chances beating.... B.C. , again.........in B.C. :cry:

How ever.....in a won game winner take all.....WEST FINAL , I would be a little worried playing...SASK......... :wink:

In TORONTO.........I would be worried , a little... playing , MONTREAL.

AS you should be :wink:

In a one game playof, the better team does not always win

third you thread killer!!!

under achiever award......tie between Edmonton and Montreal

over achiever award.......BC (i doubt anyone would of expected 11-0)