Overrated....Green Death

The Esks aren't great....but they're reloading. Sask has been lucky so far...don't talk about injuries.

You keep telling yourself that. You can luck out a win or two (like the Eskies did against the Stamps :wink: ), but you don't luck out 6 wins.

Nobody ever said the Riders lucked out 6 wins in a row... just 3 of them :wink:

Oh....Give me a break. Lucky!!!!! I would like to see the Schmoos play against a Rider line up that has not been depleted by so many injuries. Can't wait to meet you again at Taylor Field with a healthier Rider line up. The world is as it should be....Eskimos still behind the Riders!!!!

"Luck out"? Your boys were schooled last night. And guess what, we're one yes, one game back. Don't look now....

You can't afford a break...something about a 30 day DL. Ever heard of Fred Perry...Jason Tucker? Cry about your injury situation. Everyone has them. You got schooled... And you only need one exclamation point.

:roll: :roll: .. yeah great job by the Esks schooling our mainly 3rd and 4th stringers on offence.. and a somewhat green D.. boy, you guys are going to win the Grey Cup now! No need to play that game in November... :roll: :roll:

Riders played an undiciplined game and gave the Esks a win. Way too many offside calls for the Riders. They need to tighten it up a bit.
As for injuries, dont know how you can compare 2 injuries in different positions to losing a big chunk of your recieving core.

The Riders were definitely lucky to go 6-0. I'm not saying that every game was a luck win, but they definitely needed luck and bad play from their opponents to start the season undefeated. The standings are now starting to be a more accurate reflection of the power balance across the league, though I still think Calgary is a better team than their record indicates and will prove it in the coming weeks.

...the riders did not GIVE the EEs a win....the Eskimos won on their own merit and took advantage of where the Riders were weakest....the EEs were prepared, and made solid half time adjustments....

....give credit where credit is due....

I see, if I say the Riders gave the game away, Im wrong, its because the Esks were prepared. If on just about ever other post on this thread someone says the Riders got lucky in thier wins, thats fair..interesting....

...argue what you want about the riders being lucky with those that said it, I never said they were...but on the giving away of a win, yes you are mistaken...

if you say so.

Some have talked about the lucky breaks the Riders have been getting, but last night, the player who received the roughing the kicker call should have been tossed, the replay show it was a deliberate attempt to injure. Then the official called a "contacting the kicker" call, but it should have been roughing the kicker and an automatic first down in when that play happened in the 3rd quarter.

The Riders did not get any lucky breaks in the game last night, so hopefully that ends all the BS posts that the Riders are getting help from the officiating.. :roll:

What about that deliberate attack on the ref! LOL

Esks kicked our ass. no doubt about it. AJ Harris was the star of the game no doubt. Crandell stunk up the joint and his recievers didn't help him much (except for that one handed catch by Dressler. WOw that was nice).
Kudos Edmonton.
Season ain't over yet.

...that one hander by Dressler was highlight reel material....and I agree that the riders were jobbed on the roughing the kicker play, should've been a major yarder with auto first down....

....the EEs had a beautiful stategy....they saw what Reynolds did last week and set Harris up the same, exploiting the run when they could, then when the Rider D checked up anticipating the run Ray starts dumping dime and nickel tosses over the rush to receivers with nothing but room to turn and go...10 yards...10 yards...cripes those were the only passes Ray threw all last year,he is an expert at them....by sustaining drives like this the rider D never left the feild, and when they did they were tired...then right back out again....I didn't see the second half TOP for each team but it had to be slanted in the EEs favour...

"Luck out"? Your boys were schooled last night. And guess what, we're one yes, one game back. Don't look now....
Thats OK, we will be up by 2 again in the next 2 weeks.

3rd and 4th stringers? In the CFL?? Look pal, rosters in this league aren't condusive to 3rd and 4th string players. Me thinks Riderville is getting a little uneasy...excuses perhaps?

Just relax Eski-Moses or is your memory that short? We schooled the Eskimo's in the first matchup this season.