Overnight BBM TV Ratings for Finals

1.9 million for Eastern final (TSN and RDS combined)

2.0 million for Western final (TSN and RDS combined)

8.6 million total watched some part of the E and W finals .

These numbers are as per TSN website.

Works. :thup:

Really good news for the CFL. 2 million for each game. 50,000 at the big O and 42,000 at BC Place. :thup:

fantastic news Mr. Pike. Thanks for the info.

prediction for this weekend:
100th Grey Cup - 8.5 - 9 million viewers (with 19 - 20 million total watching part)

what were the numbers last year

A big jump from last year on both sides.
Here is the summary.

[url=http://www.ctvmedia.ca/tsn/releases/release.asp?id=15831&yyyy=2012]http://www.ctvmedia.ca/tsn/releases/rel ... &yyyy=2012[/url]

Wow. Those are some great numbers. Can't wait to see the numbers for the Grey Cup.

Agreed with you.
See my new posting estimating the GC numbers and it should be record braking.

Given that this is the 100th Grey Cup I expect people who have never watched football before will be tuning in. So the numbers could be astronomical.