Overkill on breast cancer awareness!

The NCAA, NFL, high school football on ESPN, and now the CFL has gone overboard on this breast cancer thing!

When are we going to get a bunch prostate cancer awareness things going on, next?

Pink is the color for women. Are we going to get the players, coaches, and cheerleaders to wear powder baby blue (the color for men) as part of some prostate cancer screening thing too any time soon?

Considering football is watched mostly by men you would think all of the guys that are afraid and/or too proud to have a doctor put his finger up your rear end to check for prostate cancer doesn't get placed ahead in the priority list for breast cancer is absolutely dumb...FOR A SPORT VIEWED BY MEN.

I think this has more to do with selling more merchandise (pink stuff) than anything else.

Can you picture the staff, actors, orchestra, and management wearing baby blue at professional plays attended mostly by women to get men to get a prostate exam??? Neither can I!

I took part in a protate cancer awareness program that involved Calgary Stampeders, Calgary Flames etc. We all left wearing powder blue boxer shorts, over our pants. Over 1000 of us as well.

As for the wearing of pink, good for them. For those take part, it is not about selling merchandise, it is about showing support for a loved on who has breast cancer. I will likely not develop breast cancer (men can) but I am not threatened in the least by any body showing support to their loved ones. The fact that this is men showing support for their women should be praised not dissed.

I hope you never have to go through a loved on of yours developing breast cancer. I you did, you would recognise the narrow mindedness of your post. Showing support for one disease in no way diminishes support for another. It is not a competition!

I don't buy that. You don't see prostate cancer awareness showing up in droves and in misplaced target markets anywhere, considering it has the finger up the rear end fear to it as well and we know men aren't having it done.

I don't see any souvenir stands at plays and musicals attended primarily by women, in the lobby/concourse area of an auditorium where the folks are wearing baby blue arm bands, and baby blue t-shirts with the musical groups' logo on it, etc.

I'm glad there was a rare baby blue thing for you, but you know that's not the norm.

This had nothing to do with support for a loved one. It's enlightened selfishness.

I hope you never have a loved one go thru terminal prostate cancer.

Wrong, this has everthing to do with supporting a loved one. If one women has a mamogram because the men in her life are tough enough to wear pink, then it is worth it. I got my prostate checked more for the women in my life as for myself. It is family that suffer more than those afflicted. If you are offended because football players want to show support for the ladies in their life, I guess it is your life. Why do you think this is a competition.

On other thing, the wearing of pink in October was the brainchild of the breast cancer group. Why would prostate cancer or any other disease want to copy someones idea.

Also, don't underestimate the number of women who are football fans, your assumption that football is a males only sport is as outdated as you opposition to the wearing of pink is petty.

Two words:

enlightened selfishness

That's all I'm going to say about this. Good day.

If you think that the pink merchandise is going to be a huge cash cow for the CFL you are entitled to your opinion as out there as it is. The point of the whole thing is to raise AWARENESS. Mission accomplished. If you are looking for legions of fans to get on board with you on this you probably will be disappointed. You clearly feel that a sticker or something should be enough. Maybe it is. But to imply that it is some cash grab conspiracy is laughable. And... There SHOULD be more prominent awareness campaigns for prostate cancer as well. In past years, when the NFL, NCAA were doing this and the CFL wasn't, they got grief from some people. You can't win.

Football is a sport viewed by men who HAVE WIVES, DAUGHTERS, MOTHERS, AUNTS, COUSINS etc...they care about. Also it is not a sport viewed by just men. And PINK is a colour for girls? You are welcome to go up to the players question their sexual orientation if you want. I'm sure that will work out well for you. It is an awareness and support statement, not a fashion one.

Your post tends to imply you place a large importance on gender segregation as well. Sports and theater are attended by mixed gender audiences these days. Devilish. :twisted:

Here's hoping..... :roll:

Bingo, you hit it right on the nose. I show my support for breast cancer because of love for the women in my life and that ultimately makes me feel better. You are absolutely, 100% correct. I support the women in my life for my own selfish gain, I readily admit it, I am proud of it and I genuinely feel bad for those who don't find gratification in supporting the women in their lives.

Go watch the movie Hook sometime. Pay particular attention to the little girl who states that the reason Captain Hook is mean is because he doesn't have a Mommy. It may well be true. I am nearly 60 years old and if anything I do or the CFL does results in my mom or my wife or my girlfriend (oops) or my sister or any other women in my life living one more day cause they got checked out. I am better for it. I am sorry for being selfish, it's who I am.

facepalm If there's ever an opportunity to ban someone for being a completely inconsiderate tool, the OP of this thread is living proof of it. I mean, seriously, is this guy Rod Black in disguise or what?

I just said the same thing to my wife a couple days ago!!

Here's a novel idea.

"By all means support the women in your life through breast cancer awareness. One of the best things you could do for the women in your life is to get your prostate checked, cause after all, isn't living together happy and healthy the most important thing." :cowboy:

I think there's an overkill on overkill


This entire post is a joke, just like the wing nut who started it. Is that guy 2 yrs old? I mean seriously this lame topic is what you come up with as a point of discussion! Get a life.

Oh, by the way Einstein, prostrate cancer is covered off in Canada and most of the industrial world in November by guys growing mustaches .... Moevember.

i think "overkill" on any major health issues that needs to be delt with is a good thing.
I recall in the mid-late 90's aids got a lot of press. Im suprised theres not more done for that cause.
Im already gettin excited to go my movember stash.
With North America still in a bit of a resession, i think its important ot over promote the causes like this, cause people are not donating like they used to. People had to cut corners, and donations to such things was one of them. honestly, im a little discusted the MODs let a thread like this even exist. Its pretty tasteless and aweful.

Movember is not just a guy thing either. Being Italian, I can vouch for some very serious staches on running the hallways at St. Francis. :cowboy:

at the very least it should be in Off-Topic

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Original Poster. His user name is a bad website.

As of Wednesday, October 19th on the CFL website:


Unbelievable, considering the prevention (low-fat diet/exercise), and removal outweighs the actual cure relative to other diseases but gosh darn it, the pink stuff can really sell and it fits our agenda.