Overkill in cfl.ca news

One topic covering the draft would have been enough, rather than pushing so many other topics down and off page.

Either that, or a separate 3rd column for ca news on the main index page

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Agreed, 100%

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Nothing wrong about the CFL promoting themselves on their sites. TSN, Rogers/Sportsnet and CBC sure as hell ain't helping them promote the league

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It's all about the NFL isn't it

You mean like CFL-XFL threads?

But I do agree with you 100%

The point is that linking threads to CFL articles takes up space and pushes more popular thread aside

There are about 12 threads on the draft with a total of 2 replies!
Makes no sense

I'm okay with what they are doing on their own site. Give 'em kudos for getting the awareness out on a skeleton crew after all the layoffs that they have gone through

I'm waiting for the article showing 54 Canadian draft picks and zero quarterbacks amongst them.

Time to mail out the training camp invites to FCS schools again, then.