Overhype by the Team Marketing Dep't.

Today’s email:

Dear Mark,


We’ve got a big one on our hands, oneweek from today at Tim Hortons Field. The Redblacks and Ticats rematch in Hamilton on Saturday, October 27 at 4 p.m., with first place in the East Division on the line!

Umm… getting tied in points is on the line. First place? Not so much.

Got the same email - thought the same thing. Clicked the delete button without opening just because I’m annoyed.

all sizzle no steak

You’re not alone . Propaganda Spin Doctoring 101 in its finest form .

The ship has sailed on first place which really should come as a suprise to noone who has been paying attention to this team the last few years. Ticats miss the boat again because they were too busy whale watching instead of getting on the darn boat.

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8)Yep, got the same propaganda from the Cats this morning ::slight_smile:

I find it strange that the team says that every game is sold out, but the upcoming game,
which should be the most important game of the season…is not sold out yet ?? ??? ???

Plenty of good seats available :wink: :wink:

Hmmmmmmmmmmm !! Something amiss here, I feel. LOL.

I hate the fact they are using ST holders consistently to sell more tickets. We’ve already committed to this team by paying for our tickets ahead of time. Why should I go out of my way again to see if any friends want to buy tickets then repay me and get them at a discount?
They should do their job and market to the masses and not existing ST holders.

Was the guy in that video one of Jones and Glanville’s buddies? Maybe our next ST co-ordinator?

You may think the ship has sailed on 1st place but it has not.
Finishing first is out of our hands but a home win over Ottawa which i expect will happen makes Ottawa vs Toronto very interesting. And guess how many times Ottawa has beaten Toronto this year…ZERO

So they’re due is what you’re saying… lol

The Connie Mack Principle in full effect...

  1. I'm starting to buy into this Connie Mack Principle that you have been talking about for a few

years on here, Welder !!

You're starting to convince me now :smiley: :wink:

I think our being annoyed at last weeks result is being taken out on the marketing team.
Technically they are not wrong, but we all know 1st place is over.
Well at least we are not going to finish 6-12 and out of the playoffs…8-10 or 9-9 sounds a lot better…that 12-6 predicted by some was a fantasy.

I think it’s obvious. Cats had the game in hand, up by 16, when the call came from Bob Young. “Throw the game, boys. I don’t want a winning record this year. Remember Connie Mack!?

True, but I almost feel what's the point of making the playoffs when we clearly can't beat teams with winning records?

One step at a time my friend, one step at a time.
Think of it this way, we have the potential of THREE games in the playoffs.

That is the beauty of the CFL Gage, anything can happen, especially in the playoffs.

Hard not to feel pessimistic after Friday though.

Problem is, guess how many times Toronto has helped Hamilton if it doesn’t benefit them?

Don’t know what you think a Marketing Department does, or should do, but in my experience, they “market? or “sell? the product. And who better to act as “agents? than your present customers?

What strategy would you suggest? A “reverse psychology? approach, like: We blew it in Ottawa, first place is lost, you might as well stay home, and tell your friends to stay home too.

Any saleman worth his commission spins his product and sells the sizzle. It’s what they do.