Hey! Looking for help from CFL fans.

I need to get an idea for what overall ratings for the CFL players would be on a CFL video game.

For example:

Cornish: 97

Really could use a hand for Offensive Line and Defensive player.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand what "rating" system you are using to develop the player data base. (as much as I like Jon Cornish ...) how does he rate a 97? and without any other players to compare him to, how would I rate them in comparison.

If I were trying to develop a game, personally, I would develop a data base that gave players ratings on several factors. for example;
Speed - Straight line (1 - 100):
Acceleration (1 - 100):
Agility (1 - 100):
Vertical (1 - 100):
Strength (1 - 100):
Weight (1 - 100):
Hands (ability to catch and/or retain the ball)(1 - 100):
Game Knowledge (1 - 100):
Experience (1 - 100):
Arm Strength (QB rating) (1 - 100):

The list could go on and on ... then you need to compare position to position. The downside of asking "fans" to give ratings on players is simply that we're fans. Where I might prefer Jon Cornish since he plays form my team I'm sure any one of the hamilton fans would make the case for Chris Williams, etc, etc.

I guess what I'm saying is ... If your looking for help from us, you will probably need to give us a better idea of what you are looking for ... and even when you do, opinions are going to vary so greatly between us, for the simple reason that we all have our prefered teams (don't beleive me post any "poll" about who was the best player for x week and make sure one of them is a rider ... rider wins almost every time, regardless if they actually did anything or not, simply because they have more fans that vote on these things). you need to find an "unbiased" way to get your ratings for these players and there area whole LOT of factors shich should go into your player ratings.

Good Luck!


I would list our (Ticats) top 10 as:

Chris Williams WR (95) KR (99)
Marwan Hage C (94)
Peter Dyakowski LG (92)
Luca Congi K (90)
Henry Burris QB (89)
Dave Stala WR (89)
Avon Cobourne RB (86)
Markeith Knowlton LB (86)
Jamall Johnson LB (84)
Dee Webb DB (82)

Riders top 10

Dressler WR(98) KR/PR (88)
Sheets RB (94)
Labatte G (93)
Getzlaf WR (88)
Durant QB (82)
Heenan G (80)
Simon WR (80)
Butler S (79)
Willis DE (78)
Shologan DT (77)

For our OLINE it'd be: (LT)-Fulton (77), (LG)-Labbate (93), (C)-Picard (84), (LG)-Heenan (80), (RT)-Neufeld (68)
For our DLINE it'd be: (LE)-Willis (78), (DT)- Shologan (77), (DT)-Alford (73), (RE)-Hawkins (70)

For tips on rating players in full (speed, strength, injury etc) if you own any off the Madden series look off those.

FWIW Crosby and Datsyuk are 95s and the highest in NHL 13. I don't think anyone is as clearly the best in their position the way Crosby is, so I don't think Cornish or Dressler would be over 95, but more like 93s.

A better question may be, where would players be ranked if they added the CFL to the madden games

True but in Madden Maurice Jones Drew (Runningback for the Jaguars) is 98 and he was injured all year. And is on the worst team in the league.

I think the easiest way for you to do it is to go to Madden13, find a similar style player and copy their stats. For example Dressler and Welker are similar players (Technique and Stature wise) so go find his attributes and make Dressler based on him, etc.