Overall league predictions

Overall league Predictions:

Gawd who knows hey? This whole league could end up at .500.

But it's fun to predict standings:



BC: under the radar so far but a solid squad bolstered by some FA picks. Questions around O-Line and QB. JO will help o-line and Jennings will be good if injury free. Great long ball guy. Recent additions have really aided pass rush. Big fan of new OC Jarious Jackson and the addition of the best ST guy imo Jeff Reinbold

Edmonton: Good continuity and leadership. A bit thin at Can depth perhaps. But could be very good.

Winnipeg: all the pieces in place. But a lot of new pieces nevertheless but could just as easily go 15-3

Sask: could be great but...

Calgary: someone has to falter..

Ottawa: good continuity. No noise. Strong QB play. I like them to be a strong crew..

Hamilton: the Wild card here. I'm a big fan of Masoli. They could easily be the king of the East. However I have little faith in Glanville.

Toronto: Depends on Ray as I have NO faith in guru Trestman being able to develop a young QB if need be

Montreal: way too much noise. Too many changes on defense to see any real plan. Not a fan of the coordinators in Jones or Stubler.


  1. Edmonton
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. Calgary
  4. Winnipeg
  5. BC


  1. Toronto
  2. Ottawa
  3. Hamilton
  4. Montreal

i feel most confident in my picks for BC and Montreal, but yeah if last season was an anomaly for Jennings, then I could see them finish much higher.

I'm most curious about Calgary and Hamilton, to see how the off-season changes will affect them.

I'm also excited to see Wilder in double blue for the entire season.

I'm probably least confident in my picks for Winnipeg and Ottawa . . . just not sure what to make of them.

Edit: I'd forgotten about the Bighill signing . . . which just makes the West that much more difficult to predict.

Yeah…who knows hey?

Literally anybody could be first to worst in a heartbeat. I love it.

I was thinking the same for the west yesterday. I see ED and Sask fighting for first and WPG and BC fighting for 4th with Calgary safe in third and trying to catch up to the other two.

Not so sure about the east except for MTL at the bottom.

I'll jump in here with my own likely wildly inaccurate prediction:

Edmonton 13-5
Winnipeg 12-6
Calgary 11-7
B.C. 9-9
Saskatchewan 8-10

Hamilton 10-8
Toronto 9-9
Ottawa 8-10
Montréal 3-15

I'm looking for the top three in the West to be extremely competitive, with the bottom two having a respectable record only if they played in the East, where I expect Hamilton to continue to rebound under June Jones, with Toronto hanging in there because of TrestPop. Ottawa will make the playoffs, but just barely because Montréal will be very weak, again.

Don't be surprised if these results are reversed half way through the season, because this is the CFL.

Quite early to make predictions. The only matter that I can accurately predict is that 3 teams won't make the playoffs.


I would be shocked if Montreal does better than 2-16.

2. Saskatchewan
4. Winnipeg - crossing over
5. BC


  1. Ottawa
  2. Hamilton
  3. Toronto
  4. Montreal

The Als are going to be hilariously bad.

That is all.

Looks about right on.

Edmonton (13-5)
Saskatchewan (13-5)
Calgary (11-7)
Winnipeg (9-9)
BC (8-10)

Toronto (11-7)
Ottawa (9-9)
Hamilton (7-11)
Montreal (4-14)

Well now that we have what could turn out to be the " Greatest 2nd string QB in CFL history" Honestly I can't see anybody stopping us this year ;DWith Johnny manning the clip-board we could just go all Patriots on everybody this year , yup that's right , run the table and it's Hello perfect season !!! ;D

And here is how it's going to go down in 2018 (read it and weep Baby ;)) *


Hamilton.......18 - 0
Toronto..........9 - 9
Ottawa...........9 - 9
Montreal.........0 -18


Edmonton......9 - 9
Winnipeg.......9 - 9
B.Columbia....9 - 9
Calgary.........9 - 9
Saskie...........9 - 9

* subject to change ;D

You know that's really not bad if Hamilton gets a QB!!!!! ARE YOU saying Kevin Glen is traded back in block buster trade to Hamilton. Good in site!!! Thanks

Predictions for what it's worth :





Saskatchewan wins the playoffs in the West and goes to the Grey Cup

Winnipeg crosses over and becomes the first team to cross over and win the
East and goes to the Grey Cup

Winnipeg in a underdog mayhem like the NHL this year wins the Grey Cup in Edmonton.

I predict BC makes the playoffs without crossing over.

My predictions:


Edmonton 14-4
Calgary 12-6
Winnipeg 10-8
Saskatchewan 8-10
BC 6-12


Hamilton 10-8
Toronto 10-8
Ottawa 7-11
Montreal 4-14

I don’t know if that all adds up, but close enough.

Ottawa won’t make the playoffs, if those are the final standings.

...Pro Tip: if you’re going to do wins losses make sure the Ws and Ls tally up to 81 each :)...

wouldn't matter if I did, I would be just as wrong either way :slight_smile:

Since you're predicting being wrong - if you do end up being wrong - then you were right about being wrong. So either way you're right.