the talking is done boys for the esks and als, were now gonna see who gonna be served a big bowl of crow

its not over, we got 10 minutes

I hope this game lives up to the hype!

no 9 minutes lol

its gonna be a slaughter, vaughn is gonna have a slow game and hervey is gonna EMBERASSS, CRUTCHFILED

Good Job TSN! Get to the Football game. We’ll watch the golf highlights on Sportscentre! 1000 bonus points for TSN brass!

i was worried the golf game would stay on…i was having a panic attack

…belly up to the bar for your BIG DISH OF CROW RnR…

I hope you enjoy it. :lol:

Thats a done thing dude, Crutchfiled was an enbarasment tonight.
Thanks god Landry looked like 6’2" 250 tonight.

F…k the score, it was one the hell of a game ! I was there and if you could ear me talk…well i mean try to talk, i yeld like a 12 years…

Als Fan