Over The Top Festival Entertainment Announced

Got this from the Toronto Grey Cup site ( http://www.cflgreycup.ca/toronto/festival.php ):

They have announced on the site who will be playing the Grey Cup Concert Series on the Thursday through Saturday night's of Grey Cup week; as well as, the feature act for the Tailgate Party.

When: Thursday, November 22 – Saturday, November 24
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building, Exhibit Halls D & E
Cost: $99 + tax
Features: Three nights of notable musical performers including:

Thursday, November 22 – Country Night
Friday, November 23 – Rock Night
Saturday, November 24 – Molson Canadian Rocks Night:
Top musical performers from across Canada featuring the east coast’s Great Big Sea, Toronto’s Lowest of the Low and the west coast’s Spirit of the West.

When: Sunday, November 25, 2007
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre – South Building, Exhibit Halls D & E
Cost: $250 + tax
Features: Taking it over the top this unique tailgate experience will offer a complementary allotment of food and beverages for football fans and will feature a performance by Canadian icons the BARENAKED LADIES!!!

So like I predicted earlier, it was the ol' "bait and switch" for the Tailgate on Sunday.

this is what bob mcgowan said will 'blow us all away'???

don't get me wrong, i like the BNL's music and have alot of thier CD's, but that doesnt live to the hype we were hearing.

I agree this announcement is anything but top notch, certainly I would not anty up the cash.
But in all fairness Bob McCown was talking mostly about the halftime show.
Which has not been announced but rumours has it being Sting and the Police.

I agree that the $250 pricetag for Tailgate tickets are insane when the performers are BNL (not knocking my fellow Scarberians, but there's better alternatives). However, when I saw that the ticket price included "a complementary allotment of food and beverages", then that confirms the bulk of the cost is going towards the catering fees. :roll:

Sunday morning at the grey cup is for sleeping.
I won't be paying no $250 for a tailgate party. In my opinion something like that should be free, and then the food should cost money. Thats one thing I am scared of in Toronto, I wonder how much everything is gonna cost, Usually grey cup weekend is expensive, but I have a feeling this one is gonna be the worst (for prices, not entertainment).

I’m with ya on that point, Billy. When I went to the 2004 game in Ottawa, the only way you could get into the tailgate party area beside Frank Clair was if you had a ticket to the game. What the Argo organizers here have done is given the same privledge, but only to those who have either popped the $500+ for a platinum ticket or those who have shelled out a seperate couple Bordens for access to it.

The only message the organizers, from the early going, have seemingly given is, “We want this to big one great big party, but if you want to party at ‘official’ events, it’s gonna cost ya.” Hell, for the amount they’re asking, I could invest it now and hopefully have enough to take in a Norway vs. Germany game at the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010. :roll:

$250 to see the BNL in a parking lot while eating cheap Hot Dogs and MAYBE free beer I would hope.

Ummm, Marty?

  1. The South building of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is hardly classed as a parking lot. Besides, if it were a parking lot, it'd probably the construction site of a high-rise condo by the time GC Week rolls around.

  2. Hot Dogs and free beer as the refreshments for a $250 party? For that much I'd expect Angus burgers, babyback ribs, and a steady supply of Paralyzers. (that one's for you, jm)

No way $250 for the GC party. I don't understand this. Why not make it $25.00 which includes a drink and dog and then let the people spend on more drinks and dogs. I think they are almost saying, if I'm reading this right, it's more or less a semi-private party for the platinum ticket holders where this is part of the ticket price, is this right with the platinum tickets?

THe fisrt thing that I see is that they CAN'T advertise OPEN BAR so it probably means it WON'T be open bar! For $250, it should be!

Then there's food. Sure they COULD have Babybacks and steaks but usually party planners don't plan to spend so much on food. I bet it'll mostly be hot-dogs, sausage dogs and pizza.

Besides, isn't the whole idea of a TAILGATE to be in a parking lot!

Like I'm going to spend 2.5 times my ticket price to stand in line for a possible free draft beer and a hot-dog worth $10.

Like I say, they know right off the bat that mainly it will be the platinum ticket holders so I doubt there will be much standing in any lines and, if many are Leaf fans, they will expect to get what they will get as Toronto is pricey anyways. The average joe with a ticket won’t be attending this, they know that.

Earl, absolutely right. Again catering to the 'suits' who occupy the platinum seats at the ACC. Forget the average football fan. Attract the guys who would otherwise not be caught dead socializing with the real fans.

Watch for this. If they even have tickets for the game, they'll arrive for the second half just in time for the whistle ending the third quarter.

But, to be fair Wilf, Toronto is different than most cities in Canada. They have this well-off more upper class money wise that go to Leaf games and other events and have their private golf memberships and quite frankly like to be exclusive to a large extent and socialize with their own. Not right or wrong or bad or anything, just the way it is, I am not one to criticize this at all. Actually all cities have these but a large city like Toronto has more. Hey, if I was someone "in the money", I just might be the same. I know my cousin in Toronto who started a bakery company and now is a huge multi-millionaire, retired at 45, building a $2-$3 mill house backing on to one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Toronto, has a membership at this exclusive club. And he is a nice guy, of course I don't socialize with him other than for family funerals as it is nothing for him and his buddies to play a game of poker and lose $500. Out of my league although I don't play poker anyways so it doesn't matter, lol.

Toronto needs to have this for the GC to be taken seriously by some. Fine. But there will be other entertainment going on on GC Sunday near the stadium for the average person without a doubt.

Notwithstanding the fact that I attend the Grey Cup for the FOOTBALL, not the half-time or tailgate bands. It is my hope that whoever performs they would hopefully try to appeal to a wide cross section of the people paying to occupy the seats. The half-time entertainment at the last 2 games was simply brutal. They could resurrect some retro version of the Don Messer Jubilee and it would be far better than the rap that was foisted on us the last 2 years.

Bring on Stompin Tom!

I can understand your argument, esksfan; however, you have to look at the choice in halftime entertainment from a bit of a business standpoint.

The CFL are trying to bring the young adult/teenage crowd into the fandom fold. The only problem is, this generation are into the hip hop (or in the case of the abomination of 2005, "hip pop") genre of music. The league believes that in order to tap into this potential market of new and future fans is to have this brand of music as the halftime performers for the biggest game of the year.

I know it practically craps in the face of those who have been watching and following the great Canadian-brand of the gridiron for years, but unfortunately, the young generation is the demographic the league seems to be going for. Hopefully, the organizers of the 2007 game in Toronto will shy away from the recent abominations in Vancouver and Winnipeg (although, I'll take Nelly Furtado over "Bad Every Performance" anyday) and book an act that will appeal to not only the young generation, but us old stallworts as well.

Can't blame them for going after younger fans. They are the future of the League's fan base, after all. And I don't really care about the halftime entertainment. I hardly think that going with the Black Eyed Peas and Nelly Furtado (who can at least sing) flies in the face of all the die-hard lifelong CFL fans ... it's just the halftime show! Not to mention that the Barenaked Ladies, Spirit of the West and whoever the third band is don't exactly fit in with the music of the past 4 or 5 years ...

Young kids see classic musicians (60's, 70's, 80's, even early 90's) as old, boring people. (My 14-year-old sister's response to me liking the Smashing Pumpkins: "Aren't they ollllld?") But if some young kid sees their favourite (current) musical act onstage at halftime of the Grey Cup, they WILL be impressed.

It's pretty much impossible to find an act that transcends both the young crowd and the lifelong fans. The closest I can think of that happening lately is Shania Twain, the Hip or maaaybe Bryan Adams.

But explain to me this ... Prince at halftime of the Superbowl?!? How many football fans listen to Prince?!?

I'm gonna guess the fans of that other 0-4 in the Super Bore franchise: the Minnesota Vikings. Hey, he IS from Minneapolis. :lol:

Seriously tho, the only non-Canadian act that would have the cross-generational appeal would be the Stones. Sure, the No Fun League beat us to it and had them perform at halftime a couple years back in Detroit, but with the amount organizers have been charging for tickets, I think they could swing a deal to bring them in. The only plausible Canadian act I can think of, but will probably save them for a western GC, is Nickelback.

But what would be a total in-joke for Torontonians, bring back The Hip and the first song they play is in honour of the fans who are sheep to the Leafs: "Fifty Mission Cap"