Over the top celebrations

Perhaps there should be a time limit on all “permitted exuberations” - somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 seconds - with another 15 sec. allowed to clear the field for the point after/2 pt. convert attempt . . . at the 30 sec. mark the official has the discretion of applying a delay of game penalty on the subsequent kick-off.

Also, teams behind 3 scores or more - shouldn’t really be allowed to celebrate. Perhaps same with teams up 3 scores or more??

Coach Michael O’Shea’s response when asked how he felt about Darvin Adams’ celebratory antics during a game when the Bombers got their butts kicked by the RedBlacks:

O’Shea: “I think I told him he was going to be on not only on kickoff but he was going to be kicking.

Reporter: “Do you encourage guys to get creative?”

O’Shea: “Does it look like I encourage guys to do that?


I like the calibrations. Let the players have fun. The fans enjoy it as well.

These celebrations are ridiculous at best. No room for the over the top clown antics that go on.