Over the top celebrations

I have always subscribed to Hugh Campbell’s theory that when you get to the end zone, act like you’ve been there before. I know people like the celebrations and choreographed dance routines but I think sometimes people take the celebrations too far. I will take the case of two of my favorite players who I think need to be dialing back their celebrations.

First I will pick on Duke Williams, on three occasions at least he has drawn penalties for his over the top celebrations. Fortunately it hasn’t cost his team yet but it could, the penalties added onto the kickoffs could result in a yardage disadvantage and could prove costly to his team. If I was his coach I would be remind him that no one player is more important than the team and if the celebrations cost the team, there should be consequences. Particularly when playing on the most penalized team in the league.

The second example was during the Calgary/Saskatchewan game. Alex Singleton celebrated a particular hard tackle in which the Rider player was injured. I have no problem with the celebration but when a player gets injured on the play the celebration should be over. Singleton continued his celebrations for the TV cameras, long after the play even though he knew the player was injured.

Rant over.

I don't think he continued after he knew the player was injured, but I guess you see it a different way.

I do agree with you that I could do with a little "professionalism" in Professional football. You got a touchdown ... good for you ... that's what they pay you to do!

In today's world we seem to celebrate mediocrity all the time (kindergarten graduation, everyone gets a ribbon, congratulations on ___ followers, etc). Not surprising to see people overdoing it for something they are paid to do.

thus endth my rant.

I think all these celebrations should be flagged as “unsportsman like” or “taunting”, they are, as you say, over the top and just silly. If guys started hopping around the field after blocking a pass or tackling for a loss an end would be put to it. So…jump around the endzone and be a fool, no problem, throw your hand into the air indicating you think there should be a flag and you get one, against you!

Apparently we are in the minority, as the league has just decided to loosen the rules on celebrations.


Indeed. Case closed.

I know people like the celebrations and choreographed dance routines....
Who are these people? I don't believe any of them post on this board.


Agreed on both counts.

I always liked Barry Sanders (Detroit Lions running back) touchdown celebration.
He simply handed the ball to the nearest game official.
No flash. He’s done this before, and he will be doing it again.

No dance of the fairies or conjured production numbers please. :frowning:

…probably the highly coveted younger demographic loves it…

Let me check Jackie Parker’s touchdown celebrations to see how little he did.


I repeat for the full CFL forum members…

IMO, there is too much self-centred childish dancing around after some players make a play which is simply doing the job that got them their job. Some of the parties held by players after scoring are simply boring. Give it time and these silly antics will wear thin on the younger fans as well.

I enjoy seeing players have fun. Bring on the celebrations.

I don’t mind a signature move like Geroy Simon’s superman stance after ever score .

Just don’t like the group celebrations that are practiced . I just ignore it usually .


Maybe it help builds comradeship as many are away from home and that’s why they like them . If that’s the case I see why they keep them in . Not so much for the fan but the players gets to express some tribal custom for their group of players that’s just for them . Some positive venting for the player .

…I thought the TD celebration a few years ago of the bomber players jumping in the speed boat on display near the endzone and pretending they were fishing was brilliant…if you’re going to leave toys out and about they’re going to get played with…

He was confused by the trainers?

I like Singleton, and was really surprised to see him carry on. I have no doubt that upon initial response he had no idea, but he carried on for an extended period, looked back and saw the trainers, and then continued doing it to the sidelines. There were a lot or people that were rather shocked seeing it live. It didn't help that he had another incident that was uncalled for earlier. It seemed like an out of character game for him.

I don't mind the celebrations. Keep them short and sweet though. If they go on for more than about 10 seconds they are generally pushing their luck IMO.

Re Singleton’s uncalled for celebration after an injury.

I recall an Edmonton player (middle linebacker I believe but can’t remember the name) celebrating after an illegal helmet-to-helmet hit years ago against Danny McManus, QB for the TiCats at the time.

He lead with his helmet connecting with McManus under his facemask. No penalty. McManus was down, dazzed and had to be attended to and was taken out of the game.

The offending Eskie, with a rep for being “hard nosed? (dirty???..much like today’s Hebert) was shown sitting on the bench laughing while motioning with his fist to his chin, mimicking his hit on McManus.

Totally bush league, crass and ignorant.

I know it a long way and very different from pros, but whenever I scored a TD it was like, ok that was fun, lets get on with the next play

I was brought up in an era where showing off and otherwise taunting your opponent was considered bad manners and poor sportsmanship. Just as no one likes a sore loser, we appreciated a magnanimous victor.

One of the reasons why I love football (and why I stopped watching pro-hockey) is that football players, for the most part, are good sports and demonstrate a respect for their opponents. You see it all the time: players helping an opponent off the field; the practice of players from all sides kneeling on the turf when a player is seriously injured; the friendly banter and back-slaps between opponents after a play. Of course there are a few fights and some trash talking too but that cannot be helped in a physical sport like football.

The post TD taunting and over-the-top antics seems at odds with how the rest of the game is played. I do, however, appreciate some of the antics because they are funny. I remember last year when Trevor Harris buggered a pass and Duron Carter (I think it was him anyway) came up to him, walked along side of him chatting with him and making throwing motions with his arm, as if he was showing Harris how to do it properly. This kind of good-natured razzing is OK with me.

football players are good sports, and hockey players are over the top?

honestly, that is the first time I’ve heard that suggested.

hockey players are the most boring, and football players rank just behind basketball player for their over the top, in your face, antics.

Ahem!! That was the TiCats in the boat and it is legendary!
Not choreographed, spur of the moment.
All eight players got fined. :frowning:

…whoops, my bad!

That was Odell Willis of the Eskimos who was “showing” Trevor Harris how to do it properly. The look of annoyance and disgust on Trevor Harris’ face in response to the unsolicited instruction was priceless.