over salary cap?

Although most teams keep this information secret, are any teams over the salary cap this season? One guess is that overspenders tend to overspend on injuries or quarterbacks. Some people believe overspenders are teams that win alot of games. Speculations?

I hope for the well being of the forum that none of the teams are over the cap this year...

Salary cap being blown by injuries is a hoax mostly promoted by Tillman in Saskatchewan. Do injury affect net payroll of course but not the cap, in fact it is quite the opposite. Example You replace DJ Flick by a rookie like Dressler for nine games you actually save anywhere from 35 to 50 thousand in cap space.

In your example that is correct you save oney. But it is not always the case that you put people on the 9 game. If a guy is out for 2 or 3 games (an example), then they need to pay him and his replacement.

But if a guy is only out 2-3 games, do you really need to bring in a replacement...? :expressionless:

…I’d be very surprised if any teams are over the cap this year…it should be a relatively easy pill to swallow now that it has been in place for a workable time…

Come on Red no cap threads or posts I am worn out from the last one. Those rider fans kicked me around so much I shake when I see green.

I am willing to be that the Riders will be over with the ammount of injuries that they had this year. I am betting that they arn't going to be over enough to cost them a draft pick but I am sure that they will be paying fines again.

Tillman said in an interview just before the WSF, he didn't think Sask would be over.

[url=http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/features/riders_home/story.html?id=ef507fdd-3c79-43af-bfb4-596690ca4c2a]http://www.canada.com/reginaleaderpost/ ... 6690ca4c2a[/url]

De-ja-vu all over again… :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Déjà vu :wink:

Tillman says in the article it will depend on bonus to players but will be "very close". In another line he says people will be surprised how low their payroll was. LOL! Man that guy likes to talk.

Okay, so I missed a few of jm02's classes.......... :wink:

There was a lot of devastating injuries this year, which sucks for teams but is good for the SMS as they go on the 9 game and don't count. I doubt we'll see anyone over the cap, and I still predict a lot of negative posts towards Tillman claiming the Riders cheated :wink: Just can't get no love around here.

Last I heard, jm doesn't teach French :stuck_out_tongue:

Then you've not been listening properly... :stuck_out_tongue: