Over for Melynks MLS Bid?

The Hunt group is smart...If the Saputo family (The second largest dairy transformer on the planet) see's no value in the MLS and have opted with USL first division...The Suputo family has been involved in Pro soccer since 1983

[url=http://www.montrealimpact.com/Team/History.aspx?language=EN]http://www.montrealimpact.com/Team/Hist ... anguage=EN[/url]

The Saputo could write a cheque or deliver a suitcase full of money to the MLS if they so wanted.

Landsowne live with CFL and USL franchises is a wonderful, affordable and entertaining package for the people of Ottawa. To me this is a no brainer...

Melnyk is the one that started all this BS...not CFL fans

A great partnership, the CFL and USL.

The Globe and Mail today is reporting that two sources are confirming Vancouver’s selection.

[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/LAC.20090307.BCSOCCER07/TPStory/National]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/ ... y/National[/url]
VANCOUVER -- Barring a last-minute snag, the owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps Football Club will be awarded a Major League Soccer expansion franchise by the end of this month.

Two sources requesting anonymity said this week that Greg Kerfoot, the reclusive Vancouver businessman and owner of the Whitecaps, was negotiating the final details of an agreement with MLS commissioner Don Garber.
Yesterday, Dan Courtemanche, MLS vice-president of communications and marketing, said the league hopes to announce its two successful applicants by March 31. He added that an announcement could still come before the MLS season begins on March 19.

Can’t imagine there’d be two Canadian entries.

Also of note:

A source said that, despite losing three bidders since the expansion process began, MLS considers the franchise fee non-negotiable. But the source added that MLS is well aware of the financial times and would be willing to discuss a method in which successful bidders could pay the fee over a longer period.

If there were 2 Canadian entries, 2 of 2, that would look horrible for MLS trying to grow the game in the US which they really want to do of course. They would be saying 1) they can't find American cities that want in under the agreement terms and 2) they are afraid of the USL potential popularity growing too much in Canada with the success the Impact has had this year winning the Canadian championship.

You wonder how long the Whitecaps will be playing in a football stadium , well non soccer=specific I would guess according to MLS criteria, at BC Place, if Greg Kerfoot will ever get the stadium he wants built down near the waterfront?

This football vs. soccer stadium debate has gotten out of hand. Hard core soccer enthusiasts will say that football has failed in ottawa several times, football is a dying sport, and nobody plays football in this city anymore, while football fans have said that soccer has failed in this country several times, and that 300 people showing up at an Ottawa Fury or Carleton University soccer team game does not mean support for MLS soccer. I am in the favour of having both sports in this city. When you tell a hard core soccer fan in this city that Melnyk's plan is one dimension and not multipurpose, they try to defend it by saying that it would be used for soccer and concerts, but no other concrete plans besides those two. Hunt's proposal OTOH will include other sports and events more than just football such as soccer, university, and local amateur sports, concerts, national, and international events. That is a multi purpose facilty unlike Melnyk's plan which is going to be exclusive for soccer.

I used to have a ton of respect for Melnyk after saving the Sens from bankruptcy, as well as his association with the club. But since Melnyk and his SSE group's bashing of the CFL as well as their exlclusion of football as well as other sports from his SSS, I lost my respect towards him, and the Sens have lost me as a fan as long as he is the owner of the club. His ego is fatter as his wallet, and bigger than his brain.


Kind of a funny comment in an Oregon-based website about the status of MLS.

And so here we are, after a few months of debate, still arguing about one question: What is the value of an MLS team?

In strict money terms, it’s $40 million, up a great many millions from a few years ago. The third graph of the task force report notes Toronto, which began play in 2007, paid $10 million. Seattle paid $30 million. The Sounders FC begin play this year.

The only thing still appreciating in the entire country is a soccer league that averages 253,000 TV viewers and saw a slight dip in attendance last season (both figures courtesy of Sports Business Journal), even with David Beckham, whose future in L.A. is sometimes a question mark.

Looking to see if there was any news out there, I came across the following:

Miami could lose its existing pro team, Miami FC, as early as this week. "At the end of the day, it's no different today than yesterday," Miami FC President Aaron Davidson said after learning of the failed MLS bid. "We always felt we would be part of whatever solution to pro soccer there was in Miami. But the reality still exists: Does the community want a team?"

The USL club set a goal of selling 5,000 season tickets for 2009 by today, but is more than 4,000 short.

Sport of the future. I probably won’t live to be old enough to see it, at this rate, but sport of the future.

The only thing still appreciating in the entire country is a soccer league that averages 253,000 TV viewers and saw a slight dip in attendance last season (both figures courtesy of Sports Business Journal), even with David Beckham, whose future in L.A. is sometimes a question mark.

Worth repeating.

Also this:

[i]So for now, Montreal will console itself with a glance at the lucrative returns from their home semifinal leg at Olympic Stadium, where a club-record crowd of 55,571 cheered them to a 2-0 victory on February 25. Comparable turnouts have funded USL budgets for entire seasons – Seattle Sounders, a former USL-1 member turned 2009 MLS expansion side, achieved as much when their hosting of an international friendly between D.C. United and Spanish superclub Real Madrid drew 66,830 spectators to Qwest Field in 2006.

Which begs the question: who needs MLS and their $40 million franchise fee, anyway? Saputo decided as much last fall when it backed out of the league’s current expansion round when commissioner Don Garber and company declined to negotiate on a smaller fee for the Impact, who have their own soccer-specific stadium and regularly fill it with the largest crowds in USL (12,696 on average in 2008). Portland, another MLS expansion candidate, comes in a distant second with 8,567 per game. (Impact officials did not respond to a request for comment on the topic.)

“Every time one of our franchises does something good, everyone else immediately assumes they need to move to MLS,? noted Matt Weibe, USL’s senior director of franchise d[/i]evelopment. “Why would you go MLS when you’ve already got your own stadium and are putting 13,000 fans in it every game??


By enlarge, with the exception of few pockets like NHL hockey in the US, soccer is a dead sport in North America.
There are many sports leagues littered in the cemetaries of failed pro sport.
The MLS/USL will be next to join although the latter with the lower cost of operation can sustain much longer.


Melnyk's bid man, Cyril Leeder, appears on a soccer call-in show. Sounds like a lame duck, but I'll let you discover that for yourselves.

Let me just say that the soccer people running this show give me hope. They were objective, critical, and most importantly, gave the CFL the respect it has earned. It's an ENORMOUS change from the soccer people I've read about on other message boards, a real breath of fresh air. I'm not sure what they think about the CFL behind closed doors, but i could find scarce little to disgree with them.

The Ottawa talk begins at 17:12.


A couple of things, Cyril ... 1. When Ottawa sold out all their U-20 games, what stadium was it in? That's right, Frank Clair .... 2. Taking Ottawa city council to an MLS game in Toronto might show them the potential of a soccer game (not that it would be realized), but so would taking them to an Alouettes game, or a Riders game, or a Stamps game show them the (realizable) potential of having football games.

Good line of questioning...

And it's not called football, it's called soccer. It's called soccer because there's already something called football. I have enough of one group stealing a name I'm attached to, I don't need another one. :wink:

But for a bunch of guys doing a soccer show, they're pretty tough on him. They call him on his "stadiums are not built downtown" line of crap, for example.

Oh, and I wish they showed the blonde more than the guy with the grey-haired guy. :wink:

Interesting. No question the soccer only people are extremely jealous of football in Canada and the US. I actually, in some ways, feel sorry for them and how it just bothers them that football has evolved from soccer to be the big boy in the football world over here.
Some how it seems that the soccer only people will think they've conquered the football war in Canada if say the CFL didn't win out in the battle as it is in Ottawa. Fact is, even if the CFL itself went totally defunct, this would not make one iota of change in football in the US and it's dominance since Canada and the CFL doesn't really change anything in the US and how football is viewed there. But to them, it's like they are living in a delusional make believe world that Canada does matter. Again, another reason I feel sorry for them.

Also, do the soccer people not want to relate to how football has grown so much in Quebec over the last decade? It's like they want to distance themselves from this. weird.

Those people have been very critical of the Melnyk proposal for the last few weeks. Ben Knight, one of the hosts of the show, has high regards for the Hunt groups proposal as it incorporates more events besides football such as soccer. He also feels that the stadium should be in a central location like Lansdowne Park instead of way out in Kanata.

Good on Ben Knight. :thup:

It realy is good of him. He's able to set aside his fanhood and realise that the Melnyk bid is more icing than cake. In his shoes, I don't know if I'd be able to do that.

Seriously though...there's a $39.25M gap in expansion fee between MLS and USL. Does the MLS provide so much more that you would pay more than 40X what you'd pay for a USL club? It's ridiculous.

We have a USL developmental team here already, and a more natural rival in Montreal. Hamilton wants to hop on board too. If (when) MLS falls through, I'll lend my voice to any poll, petition, message board, etc, to support bringing a top tier USL team here, even though I wouldn't go see them very often.

And soccer fans are not in a position to complain. They've done nothing to prove that the city is a good candidate for a soccer franchise, besides vote on online polls. And judging from how football won a poll 94-6 on Virgin radio last week, it seems they can only do even that much when they're asked to do by Melnyk.

CRF or anyone, I'm starting to wonder if Melnyk is doing all this, knowing he won't get a team, just to mess around with people's minds there and maybe as a result of him not getting a deal at Lansdowne back a few years ago? I'm right on that aren't I, he wanted some sort of development deal with the stadium and the Gades?

If this ever could be proven, man, there would be a lot of very upset people I would think.

People were throwing his name around a lot when the Renegades got put up for sale but he squashed it early on. There was some thought that he would have done it if he had full control of the stadium so that if he lost money with the team, he could make it up eslewhere, but the city refused that. Maybe now he’s annoyed that Hunt is essentialy proposing much the same thing.

It seems like an awful long way to go to mess with someone, but who knows? I do think though that he figured with the “popularity” of soccer, the spotty recent history of football here, and the opposition by some to a stadium at Lansdowne, that this would be a slam dunk. I also think he ended up with a nasty surprise. :wink: