Over for Melynks MLS Bid?

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No chance the Ottawa would still build a 20,000 seat Soccer only stadium with no major tenant.

Good on Melnyk, that ante CFL and Canadian.

Cathal Kelly from the Toronto Star was on Fan590. The interview started out talking about the Beckham situation, but got into the Ottawa deal. The interview was done today, but I can't seem to get a link here. The interview starts at 31 minutes in to the show. Mr Kelly thinks that Mr Melnyk's bid for Ottawa to get a team will not go ahead.

Yes I heard it.
Also, he said how the league is in peril despite the two new franchise coming.

I came across a blog posting earlier today that said that CBC had 65,000 for the MLS cup this past November.

Not a typo.

Yet, the CFL is a dying league with it's 3.65 million viewers for the Grey Cup. I'm having a touch of difficulty with the logic.

I recall being told that the CFL was dying about 25 years ago. Around the same time that I started hearing that soccer was the sport of the future. :?

Wow, 65,000 for the MLS Cup? That is horrible. If it is Portland and Vancouver, you have to wonder if Melnyk might start initiating talks with the Hunt group to join, I think that is his only chance for a team.

I don't wish bad on the soccer people at all, I don't care about soccer truth be told and just want to see the CFL grow in this country with excellent ownership. But Melnyk's position as wanting to shut out the CFL just got my back up towards him personally.

Soccer is the sport of the future but the Cowboys are moving into a billion dollar stadium, LA is going to be building close to a billion dollar one, New York moving into a new one, Arizona has a nice new one, Houston etc. This is always why I say we need a strong NFL to help show that gridiron is strong in North America, soccer doesn't have a chance in the US except as a very niche sport and MLS league, which is ok BTW but the football that is THE FOOTBALL is gridiron. :thup:

Forgot to add that Beckham knows this only too well that THE FOOTBALL is gridiron over here which is why he wants out, his last crack at the can in soccer he wants it to be the big stuff over in Europe and really, do you blame him, soccer is just treated as something fun in North America compared with gridiron, not really serious. He knows this now.

I'm storing this for future reference:

USA TODAY’s Michael Hiestand writes of Sunday’s Crew-Red Bulls MLS Cup final drawing a 0.7 overnight rating, “For anything to draw less than 1% of U.S. TV households on a broadcast network in a time slot when lots of people are watching is almost impossible.? However, MLS’ title game “hasn’t drawn 1% of households since 1997. That suggests there are limits to ABC/ESPN’s vaunted hype machine, and confirms this trend remains intact: As a spectator sport in America, soccer is the sport of the future — and always will be? (USA TODAY, 11/25).

AS a comparison, I heard the other day that TNA Wrestling earned a 1.3 rating on Spike TV. :lol:

Another few comprarisons:


-- WNBA on ESPN2 Ratings (2 games): up 44 percent (0.23 vs. 0.16)

MLS gets about the same number, hence the bump from the time slot.

[url=http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/stories/2001/04/23/daily2.html]http://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/stor ... aily2.html[/url]

The XFL's Million Dollar Game on NBC Saturday night registered a 2.5/5 preliminary Nielsen rating, less than a quarter of the 10.3/17 NBC got for the league's debut game in February, but the best the XFL has drawn since a 2.8/5 rating in the league's sixth week.

The Arena Football League averaged a 0.2 cable rating with 274,000 viewers for 17 regular season telecasts on ESPN2, flat in ratings but up 12% in total viewers from last year. To put that in perspective, regular season NHL telecasts on Versus averaged 272,000 viewers last season.

[url=http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/content_display/news/cable-tv/e3i7aabd374e1b54f162133491c5072aaf4]http://www.mediaweek.com/mw/content_dis ... 1c5072aaf4[/url]

NBC served up the LPGA’s biggest ratings of the 2008 season, as the final round of the U.S. Women’s Open delivered 1.98 million viewers on June 29, per Nielsen data. Meanwhile, the organization’s other cable partner, ESPN2, picked up its best LPGA delivery of the year back on May 4, as 730,000 viewers tuned in for the closing round of the SemGroup Championship.

Couldn’t agree more.

I'm trying to find evidence of it, but my wife tells me that Virgin Radio in town held a football vs soccer poll and football won at 94%. The host then has decided that he would make it his mission to help make the CFL happen.

Right on. :thup:

Awesome ... these are the type of people we need!!

There are rumours now that the MLS might not even be able to announce 2 expansion teams prior to the first game later this month due to issues in Portland and cities backing out about the fee of $40 mill. Vancouver seems to be the only city willing to be a sure thing and even then, as indicated from some of my reading, they are moving into BC Place at the beginning with still no soccer-specific facility guaranteed for the MLS. So they will have the "dreaded" "throwball" ( have to admit I love this term the soccer boys use, it's just too funny) washout lines there which they hate. Yikes. Not looking good for the MLS, the Montreal and Miami situations are bad for the league at this time with both ownership groups saying "no thanks" to the terms. The MLS looks like they will be in a sort of beggers situation of sorts if they want 2 teams this month at the $40 mill fee no strings attached.

The Portland city council votes on the stadium issues on March 11. If it's approved, they will need a week or so to finalize and sign all the contracts. So there's a chance the expansion announcement might not come before the season starts. But that doesn't matter one bit, as those teams would not be taking the field for another 23 months anyway (the expansion is for 2011, not 2010).

By the way, I think the CFL fans in Ottawa are worrying over nothing. MLS is not gonna expand to Ottawa. After having so much momentum in the last 5 years, I don't think the league will risk it for a (relatively) small and unproven market. Melnyk's bid is just being used to push the other owners to improve their bid. The most I see you guys losing is couple of years. Then the city will pull back the stadium money from Melnyk (if he gets it in the first place) after not getting an MLS team and give it to the Hunts group. And you'll have your CFL team.

I can't just assume that. When I start to, I just remind myself how the NHL wasn't going to either. :wink:

Like I say rocket, I wish the best for the MLS and expansion and success. It is Melynk's approach here that has got my back up and others about the MLS in Ottawa, or Canada, here where he seems to be targeting the CFL as an enemy of some sort that is evil and should be gotten rid of. That's what gets me and I don't like it one bit. I'm not sure of the reasoning behind this on his part, maybe it's just pure business, I don't know.

Reading this, I would totally peeved off at Garber if I lived in Ottawa and how he is basically saying Ottawa isn't a prestigious enough city with saying we'll take Vancouver even though they will be playing in a football stadium for a while, but Ottawa can't even if they do build a first class facility. This is how I interpret this. Ouch:

[i]The Vancouver Whitecaps, with NBA star Steve Nash joining owner Greg Kerfoot in the investment group, hope to follow the Seattle Sounders in moving from the USL to MLS.

Each team also an artificial-turf facility that would be shared with a football team. Garber, encouraged by Seattle's booming ticket sales, is willing to make the trade for what he feels would be a first-class facility.

"Soccer was meant to play on freshly mowed grass," Garber said. "But that's just not possible everywhere in the world."[/i]


On the flip side, I seem to recall Jeff Hunt obtaining the CFL's okay to build the kind of surface that MLS claims to require. I wonder if that's a hint that once Melnyk's bid is done with, they plan to throw one in of their own? They've hinted at it slightly, but don't want to comment so long as Melnyk's is ongoing.

This is something that the soccer fans have totally overlooked. Many are acting as though this is Melnyk-or-nothing but it isn't. The Lansdowne Live people would have every motivation to bring a soccer team to Lansdowne as well. If they're going to own stores and restaurants there, does it not make sense to have as many events as possible??

One lady on the mayor's blog all but begged CFL fans to step aside and let this MLS thing happen because the CFL will always be available to us. Lol...Let's see...No. The soccer supporters have a far greater chance of getting MLS after this is decided than the football fans have of getting CFL, since Melnyk is opposed to housing it.

Oh, and many of us have supported crap team after crap team for years and years, while soccer fans have...huh...well they...huh...let me get back to you.

One lady on the mayor's blog all but begged CFL fans to step aside and let this MLS thing happen because the CFL will always be available to us. Lol...Let's see...No. The soccer supporters have a far greater chance of getting MLS after this is decided than the football fans have of getting CFL, since Melnyk is opposed to housing it.

What, step aside? What kind of an insane attitude is this on this lady's part? Oh sure, football fans will step aside so we can be executed by Melnyk and tne MLS who have basically told us we want to execute you? What does she think we are, idiots? We'll allow ourselves to get executed by some American because it's just the right thing to do. Holy crappola.

Yes, agree CRF about that the CFL would have no chance if Melnyk wins as you state. Again, the lady must think football fans are complete idiots.

Even though we do not like what he is doing, let's at least spell the guy's name correctly


Fair enough kwik.

But for me it's also not so much I don't like what he is doing although yes, that is part of it for sure. More a case that as someone who I respected coming in to "save" for lack of a better word, the Senators when things weren't looking good for them, a Canadian team, I have truly lost respect for the man when he had to start slagging the CFL about how it's a league of the past and has tried in Ottawa but won't work... talking off the top of his head without really putting any analysis into what he was saying. Then, of course, it takes our commish to come in and clear up some of these misperceptions and not fully thought out ideas when there should have been no need to do this in the first place.

He's lost my respect, I had thought better of the man before all of this.